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Well NFL fans, were in week 6 of the NFL season and teams are starting to show their true colors. Over the first 5 weeks of the season I have went 57-20 in correctly picking winners. Also I am 5-0 in picking my “Under Dog Pick of the Week”. Pretty solid if I do say so myself. On to the week 6 games.Last weeks record 10-3.


@Atlanta vs Carolina – Atlanta is my pic. They will rebound and remember to hand the ball to Michael Turner.Because Carolina is struggling stopping the run.

@Cincinnati vs Indianapolis – Cincinnati is the pick. Andy Dalton has being playing well, and fellow rookie WR AJ Green has been outstanding. Don’t forget that Cincinnati is currently the #1 defense in the NFL.

@Detroit vs San Francisco – San Francisco is the pick. San Francisco will be able to run the ball consistently as Detroit struggles to stop the run. This will be a great game though.

@Green Bay vs St. Louis – Green Bay is the pick. Really if this game is even close it will be more of a testament of GB overlooking the Rams than anything else.

@New York (NYG) vs Buffalo – Buffalo is the pick. Buffalo is a very aggressive and opportunistic defense. Eli and the Giants have struggled with turnovers. I see this being the difference in the game.High scoring where every possession counts.

@Pittsburgh vs Jacksonville – Pittsburgh is the pick. No offense to Jacksonville fans, but the Jags might just be the least talented team in the league.

Philadelphia vs @Washington – Washington is the pick. After an embarrassing loss last season at the hands of Vick and the Eagles. The Redskins have had a extra week to prepare for this game. Bottom line I just don’t trust the Eagles defense in key situations. Or the Eagles Offense to not turn the ball over.

@Oakland vs Cleveland – Oakland is the pick. Even though the Browns are coming off a bye week. The Raiders are simple the better team. Browns struggle to stop the run which could be a major issue against Oakland and Darren McFadden.

@Baltimore vs Houston – Baltimore is the pick. I like Houston this year,but the loss of both Andre Johnson and Mario Williams is huge in this game. Your big time playmakers need to make plays when it matters most, and I don’t know how Houston responds without Mario and Andre. Baltimore is physical, and well rested off their bye.

@New England vs Dallas – Dallas is my “Under Dog Lock of the Week” After a disappointing second half agianst the Lions two weeks ago, Romo has been eager to erase them memory. Dallas is strating to get healthy with Miles Austin back and Felix Jones at full strength. Bottom line Rob Ryan’s D will slow down the Patriots more than the New England D will slow down the Boys offense.

New Orleans vs @Tampa Bay – New Orleans is the pick. Tampa is a mess right now. After getting blown out by the 49ers last week. They now face a better offense without star running back Legarrette Blount. Freeman seems to have regressed some this year which will be a problem agianst the high octane Saints.

@Chicago vs Minnesota – Chicago is the pick. Chicago has the home field advantage which should be enough to hold off the rushing on slot of Adrian Peterson. Field Position could play a big role in this match up. Hester could be a game changer here.

@New York (NYJ) vs Miami – New York Jets are the pick. The Jets have struggled this year to find their identity. A team that prides it’s self on stopping the run and being able to run the ball. They have failed to do either very well so far this year. On Monday night though I think we see a more confident Jets team that looks more like the 201o version.Besides Miami is pitiful and maybe exactly what the Jets need to get going again.


Brian Hughes

Brian Hughes has been covering the NFL draft for over 15 years.He has appeared on several radio shows as an NFL Expert, and has written many draft related articles for multiple websites. Brian has a keen eye for talent and has shown the ability to identify the "sleeper prospects" in each draft. Brian will be on each and every NFL Front Office Show to bring you the listeners of Sport City Chefs, the best analysis possible on all your favorite teams needs!!!

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