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The lockout is over now there will be a rush of new information coming of teams resigning their players as well as one of the most under rated parts of the NFL off season, undrafted free agent signings.  There is a long, long, list of players over the years who were undrafted free agents who came on to their teams and had pro bowl and hall of fame careers.  Every year there are diamonds in the ruff that for one reason or another are not selected.  As I’m typing this there have already been many, many, undrafted free agents signed to different teams.   So I’m going to go after the ones I find to biggest names/sleepers in this draft process.

- Mark Herzlich LB BC

Why wasn’t he drafted: Herzlich is a cancer survivor that scares many many teams off.  On top of which his play deminished during his senior season at BC.  Teams found the risk reward too high to take on Herzlich and he was passed on.

Where is he now: Mark Herzlich is a New York Giant! http://fb.me/srdWLxyn

from Mark Herzslich’s twitter.

Future Forecast: Mark has a shot to crack the starting lineup in New York he has very good opportunity considering the fact that the Giant’s line backing corps has been nearly nonexistent over the past few seasons and they have even resulted to placing DE Mathias Kiwanuka in at times.  I could easily see a linebacking corps of Clint Sintom, Mark Herzlich, and Greg Jones starting in the not so distant future for the Giants.

- Derrick Locke RB UK

Why He Wasn’t Drafted: Derrick Locke’s small frame adds to his already high injury concerns in which he has yet to complete a full season without missing a game. He also has a bit of a fumbling concern and has to take better care of the football.

Where is he now?: Pioneer Press >> Vikings sign Kentucky RB Derrick Locke, other rookie free agents http://buzztap.com/-yLW8G6 via twitter

Future Forecast: I see Locke as a very good 3rd down back and kick returner for the foreseeable future for Locke but he has high potential if he can keep his injury concerns to a minimum.

- Dane Sanzenbacher WR Ohio State University

Why Wasn’t He Drafted: Short and slow.  Didn’t seem to be a problem when drafting Jordan Shipley but its the only thing I can come up with.

Where is he now?: After being contacted by 30 NFL franchises Dane Sanzenbacher is now playing for the bears.

Future Forecast: We will hear from Sanzenbacher this season either as a 2nd or 3rd option for Jay Cuter and the Bears I think he will be mentioned in the same breath as Shipley when it is all said and done.
- Joe Lefeged S Rutgers University

Why wasn’t he drafted?: Lefeged’s play didn’t live up to his combine numbers.  There were a few off the field questions that also needed to be answered.

Where is he now?: He signed with the Indianapolis Colts last night.

Future Forecast: Lefeged has all the physical tools to make a huge impact on the NFL.  Right now it is up to the coaches to build him up to where he needs to be.


James is a draftnic who won't call himself an expert. He has followed the NFL draft since 2004. James believes that history and precedence as well as a keen eye for talent is the real key for predicting and accurately defining what makes good NFL players and where they fit in the NFL. As a college graduate in Bioinformatics he has grown to adapt to reading trends weather it comes in the form of genetic material or NFL prospects he devotes hundreds of hours a year to the craft of studying the NFL draft from all angles to create an unique and in all hopes accurate draft experience to all who would listen.

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