Feb 202010

As I am sure most of you heard, Tiger Woods apologized to everyone for his behavior.  OK, lets take a realistic look at what Tiger did.  He slept with a variety of beautiful girls and text them and other things he should not have done.  And he admits that he did things he shouldn’t have done.  But, what did he really do that a large majority of men don’t or wouldn’t do?  Now I am not condoning what Tiger did,  lets make that clear, but what did he really do?  He cheated on his wife and got caught, congrats Tiger your human.  Most men get caught, the problem is, their name isn’t Tiger Woods.  Honestly, I don’t care for all the media hype that has come with Tiger and his transgressions, but like the bible says “he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”  Tiger messed up and everyone knows it, especially his wife and she needs to decide, can she forgive and forget or does she have to move on.  And nobody can blame her either way.  But the bottom line is  people Tiger, is human, he just hits a little white ball farther than anyone else I or you know.  He messed up, if you don’t like it, cheer for someone else and move on.


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