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I have been away for a while so it only fitting that i come back with the biggest story in sports. The Manti Te’o soap opera.
Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o is one of the most touching stories in recent sports memory. The star defender dealt with the deaths of his grandmother and girlfriend in the span of 24 hours only to lead the Fighting Irish to a win over Michigan State three days later.
Te’o went on to finish second in the Heisman voting and was honored with countless other year-end college football honors.
But, as it turns out, that tale of woe was just that – a fabrication. Deadspin reported Wednesday that Te’o’s girlfriend never died and never even existed. It was an elaborate hoax that, the site reports, Te’o could have been involved in. Te’o, though, released a statement saying he was actually the victim not the perpetrator of the scam.
Do you believe Te’o? Or do you think he knew all along that Lennay Kekua was a fake? Me I feel that Te’o is lying all the evidence is adding up.
Manti Te’o discussed Lennay Kekua in an interview with Notre Dame Athletics on November 13. He told the interviewer he received the last letter from her before the Stanford game on Oct. 13. The game was 31 days after her supposed death on Sept. 12. If we can assume he didn’t forget Notre Dame’s schedule, it seems he believed she wrote the letters ahead of time?
To me if Te’o was really the victim of a hoax he would speak now, delaying talking gives him and ND P.R. Time to get the story straight. I’m my opinion Te’o cost himself a first round pick. Give me your opinions in the comment box below.

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Tim Klonica

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  4 Responses to “The Manti Te’o soap opera”

  1. The fact of Te’o playing the season and using the hoax of his imaginary girlfriend for media hype is in itself a flawed theory. The inspiration he played with came from BOTH the passing of his “so called girlfriend” and the passing of his grandmother. The grandmother’s death is in fact true, and her passing did occur when the timeline says it did. The bottom line is we almost have no choice but to believe Manti on this one. Making up a story of a girlfriend who died for national acclaim is one thing, but doing so in the wake of an actual passing of a family member is a whole different ball game. I have a few sources in South Bend that describe Te’o’s character as flawless, an upstanding and shining example of what you would want out of a student athlete. This is not a character issue. Jack Swarbrick, the athletic director at ND is and was a successful and respected attorney who would not link ND’s reputation to a lie by a player. We need to be careful not to start pointing fingers prematurely. Just because guys like Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong are lying, vile, human beings, doesn’t mean we need to assume the worst in everyone. Call me an optimist, but in the USA you are innocent until proven guilty. Manti Te’o has given no one reason to doubt his credibility, his character, or his word. I think it is a shame that a stand up guy like Te’o gets a raw deal because of sensationalism in the media mixed with condemnation from former athletes.

  2. Here’s the problem though Brandon, Te’o took and ran with the whole death of his girlfriend storyline. That was more talked about than the death of his grandmother. It’s not a raw deal if Te’o chose to continue to talk about it. Yes I understand what everybody thought of him, but we have seen the same out of guys like Lance Armstrong who beat cancer and lied to us. We saw it in guys like A-Rod who people said would be the real Home run king because he was clean. People lie, and can cover up lies, but on the Internet age it all comes out eventually. Norte Dame is defending him now but they can say they have been duped by Te’o if more damning evidence comes out. Plus his teammates are kind of throwing him under the bus.

  3. The examples you just used are evidence that we aren’t judging him on an individual basis. He is being judged because Lance and A-Rod and others lied. Still unfair. Why should he even speak for himself now, everyone has already decided that he is guilty.

  4. No I’m judging him on him on his own I was just proving the point that just because they are believed to be good character guys, the still could be frauds. I’m judging him on the supposed letters that he got after her death date. The fact that its taking this long for him to address the situation also is a bad sign. Not to mention the fact that he said he was on the phone for hours with her just breathing. Then just show the phone records. He Loved her yet didnt attend her funeral. I feel right now the eveidence is pretty damning. This could already be done. If its the truth it doesn’t take this long to explain your side of the story. I will let him explain, but this is my opinion as of right now.

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