Aug 082012
    St. Louis Rams

    Players lost
    RB Cadillac Williams
    WR Brandon Lloyd
    WR Mark Clayton
    G Jacob Bell
    G Adam Goldberg
    C Jason Brown
    DE James Hall
    DT Justin Bannan
    DT Fred Robbins
    DT Gary Gibson
    OLB Chris Chamberlain
    OLB Brady Poppinga
    CB Ronald Bartell
    CB Justin King
    K Josh Brown
    P Donnie Jones.
    Who will be missed most this season: Brandon Lloyd – The WR situation for the 2012-2013 season for the Rams is actually worse than it was last season, if that is even possible. This is going to be a major issue when it comes to this season.
    Veteran Players Gained 
    WR Steve Smith
    OT Barry Richardson
    C Scott Wells
    DE William Hayes
    DT Kendall Langford
    DT Trevor Laws
    OLB Mario Haggan
    OLB Jo-Lonn Dunbar
    CB Cortland Finnegan

    Free Agency Thoughts
    Lots of great additions here for the Rams. Cortland Finnegan a pro bowl CB follows his old head coach which will be paramount to helping the rest of the Rams with the verbage and getting to know the scheme and responsabilities that go along with running Jeff Fisher’s defense. Trevor Laws and Kendall Langford are also two big additions after losing Robbins and Gibson. I’m rather interested on what their plans for Barry Richardson is going to be he wasn’t exactly a world beater with the Chiefs are they going to kick him inside, or is he a depth pick up? Steve Smith has been bounced from one team to another for a while now he hasn’t looked nearly as good as he did with the Giants I’d say at best a slot starter.

    Draft Picks

    DT Michael Brockers
    The Rams did a masterful job dropping twice in the draft passing on Morris Claiborn for additional picks. Brockers is a great fit for the scheme, Jeff Fisher just loves bigger DTs.

    Scouting report: Brockers is very good at anchoring and holding his ground as he defends the run even against the double team. In a division that is going to live or die with the run the selection becomes even better. He could use a bigger boost in the pass rush moves but that should come in time but one thing I did notice is that he does a great job of getting his hands up and knocking down passes or forcing QBs to pump fake which could be a great assett if tiny QB Russell Wilson takes the starting position in Seattle.


    WR Brian Quick
    Quick is physically gifted in every sense of the word. Big tall fast with good hands. But he struggles with the subtle neuances of the game rout running quickness etc. plus it is going to take a while for him to get use to the big jump in talent level from small school prospect to the NFL. But he was Josh Buchannon’s top small school prospect and that has a lot to do with character being a team captain and a hard worker tells me that while it will take a while for him to see the field but when he does look out.

    CB Janoris Jenkins
    Janoris has top 10 talent and 5th round character. He is the definition of cover corner he is small but fast with great ball skills. He isn’t a slouch in the zone either. On the bad side drugs, and multiple baby mamas screams Pac Man Jones which is what dropped his stock but some people never learn as the man who drafted Jones drafted Jenkins. If he keeps his head on strait he will be a multi pro bowler and amazing value if not he’s another 2nd round bust.

    RB Isaiah Pead
    Pead is a guy I really like he is a kind of do it all back that I enjoy watching. He works best out of a zone style blocking scheme where he can find holes and exploit them. He has a great burst and is very elusive. On top of that he is a good receiver out of the backfield and can change direction well. He isn’t a power back by any stretch so I wouldn’t use him on the goal line.

    Played corner at Montana but has the body type and his attributes make him better suited for safety at the next level. In spite of this the Rams are currently using him as a corner in training camp. Has the ability to rerout even some of the bigger WRs. He’s raw but has a ton of upside. Plays the ball well.

    WR Chris Givins
    Speed speed speed. More of a polished rout runner than Quick. He is dangerous in open space. But he is also small with a huge injury history
    (two torn ACLs in the past two years) .

    OT Rokevious Watkins
    HUGE powerful OT from South Carolina. He uses his feet very well for a guy his size. He may move in to guard which Was seen late in the year at SC but he needs to get faster off the line and become a little more agressive.

    He’s the right tackle here.

    K Greg Zuerlein

    Yep he’s a kicker. Big time leg accurate from 50 yards diamond in the rough.

    LB Aaron Brown

    Brown is going to be a special teams player with a small chance to be a #2 OLB on the Rams roster. He is a decent tackler and runs faster in pads than his timed 4.8.

    RB Daryl Richardson
    Small school standout. Not big enough to be that slow I don’t predict he’ll make the team although I havn’t watched any game film on him.


    1 @ Detroit
    2 Washington
    3 @ Chicago
    4 Seattle
    5 Arizona
    6 @ Miami
    7 Green Bay
    8 New England
    9 BYE WEEK
    10 @San Francisco
    11 vs New York Jets
    12 @Arizona
    13 vs San Francisco
    14 @Buffalo
    15 vs Minnesota
    16 @Tampa Bay
    17 @Seattle

    Predicted record: 4-12
    High end 6-10
    Low end 2-14

    They have to play the NFC North and the AFC East that is a tall task for any team with a new head coach. The division is slowly getting better but for now they have
    just as good a chance to beat 3 of the 4 teams in the division on paper as anyone. But lets not forget that the Rams do have by far the best QB in the division. It
    really is going to depend on how well he adjusts to the fourth OC in as many years. It was what really hurt Jason Campbell’s career and Bradford is going to have to
    do it again.

    For the Future: Don’t expect the Rams to be bottom feeders for much longer. The D-Line is amazing Quinn Brockers and Long will be mainstays of the defense for a long
    time. The OLB position is the biggest question but James Laurenitus will be their guy for the next 5 years. If Jenkins can stay reletively out of trouble they have
    the #1 and #2 CB positions locked down for the next 5 years between Jenkins and Finnegan. The safety position is the question mark but I still think that eventually
    Tru Johnson will start at the S position and play reletively well there. The offense is the big question. What exactly can we expect from Bradford this season?
    Will age catch up to SJax? How many snaps will Pead get this season as the change of pace? What exactly is their plan at the WR position. Danny Amondola is good
    but I can’t see any of the other guys on the roster at that position being a big contributor this season. What do they get from Quick in the future I’m not sure.

    News from training camp: Thus far Jenkins and Bradford have been very impressive according to the press. Quick is standing on the lower part of the depth chart while Chris Givins is getting early 1st team reps across from Amendola.


James is a draftnic who won't call himself an expert. He has followed the NFL draft since 2004. James believes that history and precedence as well as a keen eye for talent is the real key for predicting and accurately defining what makes good NFL players and where they fit in the NFL. As a college graduate in Bioinformatics he has grown to adapt to reading trends weather it comes in the form of genetic material or NFL prospects he devotes hundreds of hours a year to the craft of studying the NFL draft from all angles to create an unique and in all hopes accurate draft experience to all who would listen.

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