Court-Side Cocktails

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Feb 092011

Court-Side Cocktails with Mose & Major is live every Thursday night at 9:00 PM EST on

The Sport City Chefs presents Court-Side Cocktails with Mark Moseley and Major Gray.

We are extremely excited to start our first all basketball show featuring NBA and NCAA talk.

If you are craving some serious basketball talk mixed in with the humor of your daily happy hour look no further. Mark Moseley and Major Gray present Court-Side Cocktails on the Sport City Chefs network. We love the no look pass, the up and under, and a windmill dunk just as much as the rest of you. The NBA, NCAA, and Street basketball talk has never been so engaging and unique. We are 100% interactive from the caller to the chat room. We want to hear your opinions as well as give our own.

We created the Court-Side Cocktail to give a new fresh outlook on basketball. Who doesn’t love a nice drink while sitting up close and personal? We all do. The cost of actually does this on a regular basis is the hard part. We make sure to talk strictly basketball and show off our “white” hops. Who said White Men Can’t Jump? Well if he can’t, he better have a smooth Jumper!


We are live every Thursday Night at 9:00 PM est until 10:30 PM est.  Call in at 917-889-9592 to join us live on air. Follow us on twitter @sportcitychefs or download us on iTunes Sport City Chefs ! All of the shows are  available on ! Cheers!


Location: Northside of Chicago. I Bear Down. On some Bulls-ish like Paxson. Salute cups like the Hawks. Day drink with the Cubs. Still find time to show some Sox love. Email: Follow me on twitter @sportcitychefs

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