Sep 152011

I figured for my first blog post I’d give my pics for Week 2 early games (will do the late games later today or tomorrow). I’m no expert, just love the game… so here’s my opinion:

Oakland @ Buffalo

I like the Bills in this game for a couple reasons, 1 early game on the east coast for Oakland. West coast teams traditionally struggle in that scenario. Second, the raiders are a bit undisciplined. They have 2 tough games coming up after the bills and I think their focus will be off.

KC at Detroit

DETROIT BABY! Aside from the lions showing signs of being a real team again… specifically their awesome aerial assault, is a bad time for the chiefs to have lost Berry. Watch the lions exploit that as much as possible.

Ravens at Titans

I don’t have much supporting info for this one, but I think the Ravens are going to take this one easily. Titans are just not a good team overall IMO … which isn’t credible as of yet ;) Lets see what happens.


Cleveland @ Indi

The browns struggled on offense against the bengals and in general I think that trend will continue. If the colts (yes I know, not much better offensively) can get up early, I think they will have success stopping the browns and will carry the game. Colts Win

Tampa Bay @ Minnesota

I believe coming off the loss to the Lions, TB will be refocused and will have the edge over the vikings. McNab had an abysmal week 1 which I truly beleive is mostly related to play calling… and that trend of horrible play calling will continue in Minnesota. I’m assuming its Musgrave calling the plays, while a good coach, appears to be a terrible field marshall. Tampa Bay wins

Bears @ Saints

I think Urlacker’s potential absence will play a bigger role than most think. If he plays, I think the bears defense will be on fire…My gut says New Orleans takes this one at home.

Jacksonville @ NYJ

Overall, will I think be a low scoring game. Gut feel is the Jets at home.

Seattle @ Pittsburg

If I were to say any pick were a lock, it’d be this one. Steelers walk away easily with this one.

Arizona @ Washington

Cards have to travel to the east coast for this early game… last year they did poorly in this scenario. Edge to Washington

Green Bay @ Carolina

Kinda easy, one of the best QB’s in the league against a defense with little pass rush and a weak secondary. Green Bay easily.




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