May 232011

Round 1, Pick 4 (4) A.J. Green WR 6’4″ 211 Georgia

Grade: A

AJ Green is the best player in this draft in my opinion with Patrick Peterson a close second. He is the best WR to come out since Calvin Johnson and the second best since Andre Johnson.  He has great hands and the ability to go up and make catches.  Has amazing body control and is faster than he times.  Great pick and is a vast improvement over Chad Ochocinco er Johnson er whatever he calls himself.

Round 2, Pick 3 (35) Andy Dalton QB 6’2″ 215 TCU

Grade: B

More often than not second round QBs fail in the next level or at the very least do not live up to their draft stock.  In fact only three QBs taken in the second or third rounds in the past decade  have been perennial starters and one Chad Henne is about to lose his job.  That said Dalton was a winner in college and has the tools to play QB in a west coast style offense.  I don’t see a major difference between Andy Dalton and Colt McCoy so if you keep your expectations to that level Dalton has a bunch of weapons in cinci to ease his transition.

Round 3, Pick 2 (66) Dontay Moch DL 6’1″ 248 Nevada

Grade ???

I really don’t now what the Bengal’s plans are for Dontay Moch.  Either they gave up on Michael Johnson already and are going to stick Moch in as a 3rd down pass rusher or they could try to force him into the SAM linebacker which would be a dynamic pass rush threat on the blitz specially when Carlos Dunlap could be rushing the same edge.

Round 4, Pick 4 (101) Clint Boling OL 6’5″ 308 Georgia

Grade A

I love this pick Boling in my opinion should have been a second or early third round selection projected to go to guard at the next level should start right away for the Bengals and hopefully add a push in the running game.

Round 5, Pick 3 (134) Robert Sands FS 6’4″ 217 West Virginia

Grade: B-

Interesting physically gifted safety but may be too big. Great in run ssupport probably will sit behind Roy Williams while he will be a big special teams contributer early

Round 6, Pick 2 (167) Ryan Whalen WR 6’1″ 202 Stanford

Grade: C

With the glut of the Bengals WR corps I don’t know exactly where Wahlen comes in here.  I imagine he will end up playing on the practice squad until another team more desperate at the WR position picks him up.

Round 7, Pick 4 (207) Korey Lindsey CB 5’11” 194 Southern Illinois

Grade: A

I’m not going to blow smoke up your rear but I do talk to people who know small school prospects very very well even if I recall correctly one that has come on our show and every small school scout that I’ve talked to loves Korey Lindsey-Woods. They love his quickness and  instincts more than anything and say he could be a great zone coverage type player for somebody.  Well worth the risk in the 7th round.

Round 7, Pick 43 (246) (Compensatory Selection) Jay Finley RB 5’11” 203 Baylor

Overall Grade: B+/A-

Best Value: Clint Boling Round 4

Worst Value: Ryan Whalen Round 6

It looks to me like he Bengals are trying to rebuild the skill positions through a whole new youth movement.  Putting AJ Green with Simpson, Shipley, and Gresham gives Andy Dalton a good chance to succeed.  While some picks make me scratch my head I can’t argue the value they got in each round one of the better drafts in the league IMO.


James is a draftnic who won't call himself an expert. He has followed the NFL draft since 2004. James believes that history and precedence as well as a keen eye for talent is the real key for predicting and accurately defining what makes good NFL players and where they fit in the NFL. As a college graduate in Bioinformatics he has grown to adapt to reading trends weather it comes in the form of genetic material or NFL prospects he devotes hundreds of hours a year to the craft of studying the NFL draft from all angles to create an unique and in all hopes accurate draft experience to all who would listen.

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