Mr. New York

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Apr 252012

Remember this time last year when the baseball world was in an uproar about how Derek Jeter was to old and was losing a step. He’s hitting .416 and is leading major league baseball in hits. He currently sits 18th on the all-time hit list and could be sitting at 14 by the all-star break. Derek is 38 years old, and could easily play another 5 years because he keeps himself in great shape and has avoided the injury bug during his career. So my question to all of you is, do you think Derek Jeter will pass Pete Rose as the all-time hit leader? As of today Jeter currently sits at 3,120 hits. 1,136 hits behind Rose. Jeter has averaged over 180 hits a year since coming into the league and only has 2 seasons in which he has failed to reach 179. Rose played until he was 45, if Jeter plays until he is 45 with an average of 170 hits a year, it would give him 1,190 hits in the span, enough to pass Rose. Derek Jeter is my favorite player of all time and I believe he can pass Rose, especially in this Yankees lineup, do you?
Leave your comments or opinions and why you do or don’t think he will.

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Tim Klonica

Tim Klonica a.k.a. The Freak was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Tim is a fantasy sports expert and Die-hard Detroit sports fan. He is a fan of the Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, and Pistons. The Michigan Wolverines are the collegiate team he follows. You can find Tim on Twitter @TheFreak313 voicing his uncensored sports opinion. "Go hard or go home, go home if your soft, If your scared, say your scared, But you lost from the start, And I ain’t never met a winner Who ain’t never had heart Full throttle, red line, watch me rip it apart"

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  1. hahahahaha, i wish he could… competition is way too stiff in today’s game.

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