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I can’t recall the last stretch of time where both the NBA & NCAA have been so enthralling simultaneously, and with my enthusiasm comes a new blog!

If the NBA trade deadline hasn’t been titillating enough for you, collegiate hoops just keeps getting more dicey, especially as we draw closer to conference tournament play.

In honor of our lovely program this evening “Court-Side Cocktails” here are some golden nuggets of thought spanning the pro’s & am’s that our esteemed panel of chefs (Mark Moseley, P. City, Seth K., Serious, Tymeless & special guest Shaun Howard) will be chopping up on tonight’s broadcast.


While I can’t say it made me happy to see that a cry-baby got his way, I can understand the concept of going home again. Not only going home, but being embraced by home, and Carmelo received quite an ovation in the Garden last night, with just cause. His line wasn’t THAT impressive 27-10-1 (10-25 FG% is concerning but I’ll cut him some slack being that it was his first game as a Knickerbocker) nor was his defense, something I won’t give him slack on, but it’s safe to assume the Knicks are on their way, again, maybe.


After months of pining over where Melo would end up, it’s safe to assume that Deron Williams was completely blindsided with his trade to New Jersey. I ripped on the Nets for taking practice off on Tuesday, seemingly due to mourning their loss of Melo, however it would appear the front office was doing a bit more moving & shaking behind the scenes in order to recover.

If Williams gets comfy in New Jersey, it could be one hell of a cross-town rivalry in two years, and that makes for a formidable Eastern conference. There’s whispers of Jerry Sloan giggling in his recliner, so much so that his depends needed cleaning. If it’s drama you want, you’ll get it in Utah, there’s lots of big love to go around now that the heel Williams is gone.

A few years back when BD signed as a FA with the Clippers instead of re-upping with the Warriors, everyone in LA knew why: He’s a homegrown, City of Angels mogul, complete with his own production company and Hollywood roots. Baron was looking to settle down, and settle down he did. Just like any happy cow, he put on some weight, rekindling his injury concerns of old, and in his absence, the dazzling play of Eric Gordon & Eric Bledsoe didn’t bode well for the complacent point guard to stay put in his hometown.

It’s not shocking that he was dealt, but it is interesting that they traded for another semi-overrated PG in Mo Williams. Whatever the case may be for Cleveland, it was a good move getting a veteran like Davis who might be able to muster them some wins in the seasons final weeks. Either way, Cavalier fans better hope that the giddy Baron they saw at All-Star weekend is still present, otherwise it could be a sour end to an already bitter season.


Let’s be frank – the Hoyas have been inconsistent at best this season. They have had their struggles on the road and at home all year, and last night dropped a must-have conference home game to Cincinnati. In addition, their senior point guard Chris Wright broke his hand in the loss to the Wildcats, leaving Austin Freeman to his own devices.

Where do the Hoyas go from here? Well, it’s looking like down with two conference games left on the schedule (@Syracuse, @Cincinnati) and with St. John’s, Louisville & Notre Dame surging in the Big East standings, the loss of Wright might be final straw that breaks the Hoyas spirit.


Every now and then a good loss to your in-state rival can do an underachieving team some good, as in the case of UNC & Duke. It’s clear that the Blue Devils are a lock to win the outright ACC regular season crown, but depending upon how the Heels finish up against Maryland, at Florida State, they may put on a shocker in Chapel Hill come March 5th when the Dukey’s visit for the culmination of college hoops.

It’s not often we have an underdog North Carolina team in the grand scheme of the tournament, but flying under the radar so late in the year might just give the Heels an element of surprise their unused to having. If Kendall Marshall continues his amazing play and Harrison Barnes remains in rounding-out mode, we could very well witness the first UNC team ever to be ranked lower than potential to outperform their expectation.


Please join us this evening in the Sport City Chefs Kitchen as we cook up these topics & more tonight @ 11 PM est only on BlogTalkRadio.

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