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Miami Dolphins finished 7-9 in 2010

GM: Jeff Ireland
2005-2007 – VP of College and Pro Scouting Dallas Cowboys
2008-present – General manager Miami Dolphins

Head Coach: Tony Sparano
2000 – Offensive Line Coach Cleveland Browns
2001 – Tight Ends Coach Washington Redskins
2002 – Tight End Coach Jacksonville Jags
2003 – 2007 – Offensive Line Coach/ Assistant Coach Dallas Cowboys

Defense in the first round - With the exception of Jake Long in 2008 everywhere that Ireland has been every first round pick has been on the defensive side of the ball.

Drafting for need – A vast majority of picks in the top 3 rounds were at positions of documented need (according to a multitude of media outlets at the time).

Starting experience (Seniors) – With the exception of Philip Merling and Vontae Davis every pick in the firsts three rounds has been a senior. Davis and Merling each started for three seasons.

All Conference Honors - More than half of the players selected in the first three rounds have had at least all conference honorable mention.

Team needs:

RB - Both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are unrestricted free agents this off-season. While Ireland has not ruled out the possibility of Brown or Williams returning after the CBA is signed but to be honest Ronnie Brown is 29 and Ricky Williams is 33 both are either at or near the point where backs tend to start falling off the map so this may be a good time to get a youth infusion at the position.

Interior OL - Richie Incognito is a UFA also it isn’t like he couldn’t be upgraded anyway. Plus an upgrade at center is also a real need and could really help with the run game.

QB - Chad Henne has quickly fallen out of favor in Miami and Chad Pennington is on his way out the injury last season has pretty much sealed his fate as far as his future in Miami is concerned. But the question remains Miami has made it perfectly clear that Tony Sporano is no longer wanted in Miami is spite of a thinly veiled extension to save face. I imagine that the Phins are going to hold off on a signal caller till next season when they hire a new head coach.

FS - Chris Clemons did OK last season but in the NFL OK just isn’t good enough if they can find a better FS early in the draft I believe that they will draft one in the first three rounds.

(Potential) First Round Players Who Fit the Profile

Mark Ingram RB AlabamaMark fills the chief need for the Dolphins need has been the trump card to defense and being a senior.  Has three years playing experience and two years starting experience. Was first team all SEC last year and second teams All SEC this year on top of multiple awards including the Heisman trophy in 2009.

Mike Pouncey C/G FloridaMike fills another major need and has the ability to play both OG and C in the NFL.  He is also a senior at Florida with three years starting experience and playing experience during his freshman year.  He was second team All SEC in 2010 and 2008.  Fist team All SEC in 2009 as well as second team All American.

Jake Locker QB Washington – Locker is the only senior QB to even sniff the first round three  has started in three years (one cut short due to injury)  All PAC 10 honorable mention in 2010 and 2009 as well as All American honorable mention in that year.  Also, this is a huge need for the Dolphins although I still think Henne should be given another shot Dolphins management likely disagrees with me.


James is a draftnic who won't call himself an expert. He has followed the NFL draft since 2004. James believes that history and precedence as well as a keen eye for talent is the real key for predicting and accurately defining what makes good NFL players and where they fit in the NFL. As a college graduate in Bioinformatics he has grown to adapt to reading trends weather it comes in the form of genetic material or NFL prospects he devotes hundreds of hours a year to the craft of studying the NFL draft from all angles to create an unique and in all hopes accurate draft experience to all who would listen.

  3 Responses to “Draft Profile: Miami Dolphins”

  1. Great write up James.Look forward to reading more of these profiles.Great insight for all of us as to who the Dolphins may be looking at.

  2. I heard a rumor the Dolphins are going to push hard after DeAngelo Williams. If so I wonder where Ronnie Brown heads to. Interesting blog

  3. Please no DeAngelo Williams. It would be foolish to let Ricky/Ronnie go, two backs who know the offense well, for a aging veteran who is even more of an injury risk than the two of them combined.

    It takes a lot to get me excited about the draft, but this certainly perked my attention Broth.

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