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So this is the guy who fails his Oregon teammates by knocking out a kid from Boise St. during a heated exchange after a game in Boise. This was while they were both still suited up and on the field no less. THEN, after being lucky enough to be drafted, he gets in to a scuffle at a Titans practice in Tennessee. I mean, seriously? I know that hinesight is 20/20, but can anyone blame the Titans for wanting to wash their hands of this guy when they did?

Well in August of last year the Tampa Bay Bucs decided to take a chance on LeGarrette Blount by picking him up under the pretence that he will behave…and produce. Produce he did. The Bucs did not even commit to Blount as their primary running back until October and he still managed to top the 1,000 rushing yard mark in his first season. To be exact, he racked up 1,007 rushing yards in just 13 games and 201 carries. I know most of you out there have at least a fourth grade level education in math. But for those of you that do not; that’s five yards a carry guys!

Only three other rushers in the NFL with over 150 carries toped five yards per carry in 2011: Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy, and Darren McFadden. Perhaps you’ve heard of some of these guys? Pretty good company there I would say. Of that group, Blount was the only rookie, and the only guy who was NOT originally a big part of that team’s offensive plans since the previous spring. Another great thing about the 2010 season; no teammates or opponents of LeGarrette Blount got punched.

With the continued emergence of quaterback Josh Freeman and wide receiver Mike Williams to stretch out the defense, Blount should flourish in this Tampa Bay offense this year. As long as he stays healthy, I expect to see this 6’0 247lb. beast leaping over and straight through more defenders in 2011.

I have seen the 24 year-old phenom go anywhere between the fourth and fifth rounds of fantasy football drafts. If he is still available in the fourth round of your draft, pick him up! Even if it is the early portion of that round, I still believe that you would be getting great value at that point of the draft. So grab him up and don’t look back. Rather look foward to watching an NFL season in which LeGarrette Blount racks up consistently big fantasy numbers for your team.

To put it ‘Blountly’, LeGarrette will be a force in the NFL for a long time.

For anyone who listened to this article, I am sorry that this retarded-a$$ computer voice can’t pronounce anything correctly and gets all the puctuation wrong.

Caleb Parkinson

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  1. The Bucs need Blount to be smoking this year again

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