Daily Villain Dish – 04/18/14

Woodson, Kerr and Jackson’s decision The New York Knicks, and more importantly Phil Jackson, have a big decision to make about their coach.  Does Phil retain Mike Woodson after a disastrous season or does he being in his own guy?  Report came out today that Woody would like to be informed (via his agent mind

Villain’s Daily Dish – 02/16/14

Michael Sam’s bold move With the news over a week ago that former All-American Michael Sam is openly gay; the sports world was captive for a few days.  The news was a shock to some, but it today’s politically correct age it was easily accepted.  I’m glad Michael came out, some people questioned the timing

I get older, they stay the same age.. alright!

To tell you the truth, the Islanders really don’t look that bad this season. With an awesome powerplay, you’d think the team is starting to round out. Granted they’ve looked horrible the past couple of seasons, but the team really looks like it is shaping up. You can thank John Tavares and Matt Moulson for

Which greenhorn takes home the Calder Memorial Trophy?

On last weeks episode of The Icebox, Mr. Macri and myself touched a bit on rookies.  Jeez.. since we’re about half way through the season with most teams playing about 20 games so far, we might as well just hop right into Calder nominees. Obviously this award goes to the player that finishes with the

Lets talk Realignment

Phoenix has only one comeback for why there should be a franchise in Glendale.. and here it is: Yes those are cacti, in Marana, AZ, And that was south of Phoenix! Can you imagine the blizzard they were having up north in Phoenix?! And if you don’t know your geography, Glendale is even further north

Ruff start.

Well if you haven’t heard it by now, bye bye Lindy Ruff.  After a 13 year tenure, Ruff has been shown the door by the Buffalo Sabres organization.  Over that span of 13 years, Ruff posted a 571-432-78 record for the team from upstate new york, as well as only missing the playoffs five times.

“Don’t Blame it on the Whistle”

Referees do not play the game, they officiate the game. Yes, officials do make incorrect calls at times, and yes some of those calls do happen to occur at more costly moments in a game then others. It needs to be understood that through the minutes of a game, through the blood, sweat, and tears

And on the 113th day…

After a long awaited work stoppage, we can finally say that the NHL is ready to pave way on this years hockey season.  We have waited a grand total of 113 days for this particular one to come, and how sweet it is. The day we have all been waiting for, since the Los Angeles

Big Buff Traded! Blackhawks move forward..

Thank you Big Buff, Sopel, and Eager for your amazing time here in Chicago. Our Blackhawks fans are grateful for what each of brought to the table while in Chicago. Today the Blackhawks planned towards the 2010-11 season by making a big offseason move. According to multiple media reports, the Hawks are in the process

Ready to Rumble … NHL Style!

The Chicago Blackhawks were predicted by many to make the Stanley Cup Finals. After Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals it looked more like the Vancouver Canucks are aiming for that goal. The Cancucks played a smart, physical game in Chicago to win 5-1. The United Center was cold and quiet. The Blackhawks will

The NHL is back.. Did you notice?

After taking a break for the Olympics the NHL has resumed. The problem is did anyone notice. The NHL was flying in high gear mid season when it had to stop and take a leave of absents for the Olympics. Don’t take this the wrong way I love the Olympic hockey games. The gold game


What can motivate a team? What can drive a player to become better?  What makes you streak at the right moment??  The Cavs, Thunder, UCONN Women’s Basketball team, Kevin Durant, Washington Capitals and the L.A. Kings are all streaking at the right time!! Which ever or whoever you support you have to like this.  Sport

Chicago’s Hope

The young and exciting Chicago Blackhawks have been able to stay a top the NHL standings while flying under the radar. This team is lead by  young superstars  Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, and Jonathan Toews. The team was also able to add true veteran leadership signing Martin Hossa. Hossa lead the Red Wings in scoring

14 and Counting in a GREAT way!!!

Alexander the Great once again played big against the Penguins out of all teams to keep the streak rolling!!  At least Washington D.C. has something to smile about through the Snow Storm!!