Undrafted Free Agent Signings! Part 1

The lockout is over now there will be a rush of new information coming of teams resigning their players as well as one of the most under rated parts of the NFL off season, undrafted free agent signings.  There is a long, long, list of players over the years who were undrafted free agents who

Jonathan Vilma: An Underrated Leader, Overachieving Player

Despite what you may think, Jonathan Vilma is one of the best linebackers in the league. While many linebackers are outspoken a la, James Harrison or others let their play talk for them, a la Patrick Willis, Vilma has just the right amount of both. They say the linebackers are considered to be the quarterbacks

Scott Shanle Stops By The Friday Roundtable

Looks like Sport City is turning pro these days. The mega-stars of the podcast world are gettin’ it done once again! This time it’s with free agent linebacker of the Super Bowl XLIV Champion New Orleans Saints, Scott Shanle. Join the chefs of Sport City at the Friday night Roundtable (or afternoon, depending on where you

NFL Draft Grades: Cincinatti Bengals

Round 1, Pick 4 (4) A.J. Green WR 6’4″ 211 Georgia Grade: A AJ Green is the best player in this draft in my opinion with Patrick Peterson a close second. He is the best WR to come out since Calvin Johnson and the second best since Andre Johnson.  He has great hands and the

NFL Draft Grades: Miami Dolphins

Round 1, Pick 15 (15)      Mike Pouncey OL      6’5″      303      Florida Grade B: Pouncey got a huge jump in his draft stock from the success of his brother but he is the best guard or center in this draft strong and can get a good push off the line this was

NFL Draft Grades: Oakland Raiders

Round 2, Pick 16 (48) Stefen Wisniewski OL 6’3″ 313 Penn St. Grade: B I Really like Wisniewski as a player he is technically sound with a nasty demeanor. Has good weight to him and gives a good punch at the point of attack I could easily see Wisniewski starting day one at center for

NFL Draft Grades: Detroit Lions

The 6-10 Detroit Lions have become relevant once again in the NFL.  Head Coach Jim Schwartz and GM Martin Mayhew has purged the stink of the Matt Millen era to the point where national analysts are starting to talk about the Lions being a playoff contender in the 2011 season.  The last time the Lions

NFL Draft Grades: Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers did not enter the offseason with many glairing needs so depth was the top thing on the menu for the current Super Bowl Champions. That is what they got. I would expect one starter in 2011 some depth and a good returner and some special teams talent out of this draft. When picking 32 overall that isn’t anything to sneeze at.


With the 2011 NFL draft just a week away I thought I would put pen to paper and mention a few players I feel owners, General managers, scouts and coaches should be careful of letting pass bye during the draft. To make it a little more interesting all the players I will mention are ranked

Draft Profile Buffalo Bills

Having trouble with mocking a pick to Buffalo? Worried they may make the wrong choice? Do you wish you knew what was going on in the mind of Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey? Well, no worries James “Broth” Greenwood is here with an article about the draft history of the two big decision makers in the the Bills organization.

NFL Kick Returners Unhappy Over Rule Changes

While teams and players of the National Football League prepare for their day in court, behind the scene it is widely rumored that the owners are trying to throw smoke screens to draw attention away from their greediness by trying to play the worried parent. They are preaching player safety. And while they may have

Killing us Softly

How many of you were ever told “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? Apparently, out of the many of you that raised your hand I’m willing to bet one of those were not Rodger Godell.  We all knew there were going to be some changes going into this offseason but I think that the

Spygate 3, The Detroit version??

As first reported by Jason La Canfora of the NFL network.The Detroit Lions have been found guilty of tampering with the Kansas City Chefs.Unlike in the past cases with the New England Patroits, and the Denver Broncos.There were no video taping incidents, or spying of any kind.Rather current defensive coordinator Gunthier Cunningham(who is the former

New York Jets set to let Cromartie Walk

As is the case every year.Teams must decide which players during the off-season to try and retain.This year however it’s a little more difficult than normal.With no CBA in place (Collective Bargaining Agreement) teams will not have an opportunity to offer contracts to players from their team or others.Mike Lombardi has sited multiple sources as


The safety position seems to become more important every year, but it still ranks behind cornerback when it comes to the draft. In order to be a top safety, one needs to be a good tackler, as many teams now play eight defenders in the box against the run. You have to be a good

A LOOK AHEAD : Cornerback.

Defensive backs become more important every year because of the proliferation of the passing game. In 2008, 32 teams passed 16,350 times and ran 14,207 times. In 2009, they passed 17,033 times and ran 14,088 times (56.5 percent). In 1997 there were no 4,000-yard passers. In 2008, there were six. In 2009, 10 quarterbacks passed

A LOOK AHEAD : Linebackers

The Monday following the draft two seasons ago I spoke with great NFL analyst Gil Brandt and the first thing I asked him was why two of my favourite players Rey Maualuga and James Laurinitis had fallen into the second round of the draft. With their talent level I was shocked. Gil said that Laurinitis’

A LOOK AHEAD : Defensive tackle

To be a good defensive tackle you need great quickness (Chicago’s Tommie Harris ), functional football strength (Baltimore’s Haloti Ngata ), instincts (Dallas’ Jay Ratliff), the ability to use one’s hands to shed blockers and the athletic ability to drop into coverage on zone blitzes. To be effective, defensive tackles need to have great stamina and be

A LOOK AHEAD : Defensive Ends

To win games, and ultimately championships, teams must be able to stop the run and pressure the passer, which is why defensive line talent is so important. Much like the 2010 draft class offered defensive line depth, the list of front four prospects for 2011 is also deep. The trickledown effect of a solid defensive

A LOOK AHEAD : Offensive line

Offensive linemen keep getting bigger, faster and stronger and last April’s draft was no exception. Of the 51 offensive linemen at the 2010 NFL Combine, none weighed less than 300 pounds and none measured under 6-foot-2. For years, everyone heard or read about how important it is to have an outstanding offensive line. To be

A LOOK AHEAD : Wide receiver

Speed is important at the wide receiver position, but the ability to run routes (Steve Largent and Wes Welker for example), have a burst (Jerry Rice) and catch the quick slant for a first down to keep a drive alive (Michael Irvin and Cris Carter) are all important as well. Speed is an important trait for success because

A LOOK AHEAD : Tight end

Tight ends will line up outside to try and create matchup problems in pass coverage. They will also line up in the backfield and force coverage by linebackers or to help block blitzers.

A LOOK AHEAD : Quarterbacks

With the new NFL regular season only a few weeks away we are all focused on how our teams are going to start the season. We are excited about what players are going to perform and which rookies are going to make an impact. Here in sport city we love all things football related and

Greatest Owner

As a Mets fan I easily could write about the Mets letting the season slip away without making any moves and how us Mets fans wish our ownership and management would do something about it (which they should have been sellers, and traded off Beltran and/or others). But I’m going to take a different angle

Hall of Fame

The pro football hall of fame opened in Canton, Ohio, on September 7, 1963. Enshrinees are selected by a 44-person committee, largely made up of sportswriters, officially known as the Board of Selectors.To be eligible for the nominating process, a player must have been retired at least five years, and as of 2007, a coach

Offensively Speaking : Carolina Panthers

Quarterbacks After a brutal start to 2009, the Carolina Panthers sat Jake Delhomme and started Matt Moore towards the end of the season. Moore did well enough to where the Panthers felt comfortable releasing Delhomme this past off season. In five starts, seven games total, Moore passed for just 1,053 yards but he did toss

Offensively Speaking : Buffalo Bills

Quarterbacks Sadly, at the time of this posting there is no clear cut favorite for the Buffalo Bills to start at the quarterback position and most likely won’t be until training camp plays itself out. In the mix are Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm. No matter who wins that job, the odds are

Offensively Speaking : Baltimore Ravens

Quarterbacks While some fall into the realm of the sophomore jinx, Joe Flacco just shrugged his shoulders at such a thought and went on to take a huge leap forward as the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens. Last year Flacco passed for over 3,600 yards, adding 650 yards from his rookie year while throwing for

Offensively Speaking : Atlanta Falcons

Quarterbacks The Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan is one of the better, young quarterbacks in the NFL. Yet that success hasn’t translated well into the realm of fantasy football. Having fallen short of expectations last season, Ryan tossed up over 2,900 yards while passing for 22 touchdowns and surrendering 14 passes to the opposing defenses. Ryan

Offensively Speaking : Arizona Cardinals

Quarterbacks The quarterback position for the Arizona Cardinals took the biggest hit as far as fantasy football terms goes this past off-season. With the departure of veteran quarterback Kurt Warner, there is a changing of the guard in the desert and there is no one who could benefit more from this than Matt Leinart. Entering

Sport City Chefs NFL Round Table – AFC North

Can you smell what is in the air? We are not talking basil or sage here; we are talking about some good ol’ blood and sweat. That is right folks, it is football season and with that it brings a certain pristine fall warming to all of the NFL souls in the land. We here

Randall Cunningham’s Son Passes At 2-Years Old

Ex-NFL star quarterback and current ordained minister and pastor Randall Cunningham and his family have suffered a significant loss as his son has passed away after a backyard accident. The former Philadelphia Eagle was out of town on Tuesday, but it is being reported that the boy was found by a hot tub and was

Sport City Chefs NFL Round Table – NFC North

Can you smell what is in the air? We are not talking basil or sage here;  we are talking about some good ol’ blood and sweat. That is right folks, it is football season and with that it brings a certain pristine fall warming to all of the NFL souls in the land. We here

Detroit Lions President Arrested For DUI

During this past weekend Tom Lewand, who is the president of the Detroit Lions, was arrested in Roscommon County for suspicion of DUI, or other wise known as driving under the influence. It is being reported that his breathalyzer tests resulted in a .21 and a .20, which is more than twice the legal limit.

The Kardashian Touch

Yes we are talking sports. The Keeping up with the Kardashian Show is already successful. Yet the latest talk in the sports world is about the championship edge the ladies bring to the table. Reggie Bush .. check! Lamar Odom .. check!Ty Lawson posted a message on his twitter account claiming, ” I heard if

Another Setback…..

Wide Receiver Steve Smith had another unfortunate accident occur.  The All-Pro Wide Out ended last year’s season in New York with a broken arm in which this specific play he scored a Touchdown.  Now as a defender in a pick up flag football game he re-breaks the injured arm again going into the new season. 

Number 2 is Suh!!!!! Time for Some Action in Detroit….. Finally!!!

The second pick in the 2010 NFL Draft is Ndamukong Suh from the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Lions new rookie will contribute as soon as the season starts.  The one major problem the Lions had was on the defensive line. The Lions select a player that has tremendous power and can put constant pressure on quarterbacks

Sam’s A Ram!!!!!!

With the first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the Saint Louis Rams select Sam Bradford, quarterback from the Oklahoma University.  The Sooner now has a home in the NFL. He is going to one of the teams that were at the cellar of the whole league. Bradford has a good arm and is very

Miami Bound for Marshall

Brandon Marshall is finally headed out of Denver. After months of speculation of where he would end up, we finally have an answer. Florida! He is returning to the state he played college ball for and he is headed to Miami. Bill Parcells decided he could handle the young play maker and pulled the trigger

Philadelphia Loyalty

The Philadelphia Eagles have turned the franchise over to Kevin Kolb. Or did they just turn their back on Donovan McNabb? Well depends what side of the equation you view. McNabb is entering his final year of his contract at the age of 33. Kolb is a young quarterback still unproven with loads of potential.

Overtime…or Over Reaction?!

Since when does the NFL cater to 1 big name star in making a change? What, because Brett Favre never made it on the field during the NFC Championship game, change needed to come without deeper study? Stay with me here. I COMPLETELY AGREE that they needed to change the rule, BUT I completely disagree

Cleveland Rocks

The Cleveland Browns organization is cleaning house. Derek Anderson, whom previously was a pro bowl QB for the team was released yesterday from the team. Today rumors have surface Mike Holmgren is now shopping Brady Quinn. It sounds as if Holmgren is not convinced Quinn is the QB of the future for the Browns. The

Asking for trouble??

Before he heads to New York to join the jets, Antonio Cromartie has one more thing to tend to.  Hes got a court date in San Diego to discuss some $25,000 in unpaid child support.  The New York Jets for the 2nd time in a few months have signed a player who has more than his

Big Ben… Not Again…

Ben Roethlisberger is in the news again.  In a negative way, the 2- time Super Bowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback is being accused of sexual assault and this can be serious for his future due to this being the second time a female has accused him of this accusation.  Personally, I wonder whats wrong with

Birds Flying the Coup!

Karlos Dansby and Antrel Rolle are two Cardinals now with new teams.  Now is the free agency booming or what??  T.O. hasn’t even been signed yet and alot of teams are making alot of moves to improve their teams future.  How will the rest of the NFL market end up?  They have Birds, Fish, Buffalo

Steak and Peppers

Midnight madness struck for the Chicago Bears today. The free agency opened with a signing of 3 impact players. Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor, and Brandon Manumaleuna all signed with Da Bears within the first 24 hours of free agency. Chicago put the press on free agency today because of the lack of a 1st and

NFL Free Agent Fenzy Friday has begun.

The first day of free agency is here and despite what experts were predicting that free agency would start slow, it has shot off like a race car with no breaks.  The biggest players so far in free agency have been 2 teams from the same division.  The Lions have signed WR Nate Burleson to

Philly’s Eagle

There are many trade rumors swirling around the NFL about a possible trade of Donovan McNabb to the Rams for the #1 2nd round pick. Donovan has lead the Eagles organization for the past 11 seasons. It appears for the 2010-11 season the Philadelphia Eagles are ready to turn the keys over to Kevin Kolb.

Open Market

The NFL free agency period opens tonight March 5 at midnight. The league  has a lot of big names this year on the open market. Julius Peppers, Thomas Jones, LaDainian Tomlinson, Brian Westbrook, Antrel Rolle, and Terrell Owens to name a few. Most of these players are getting up in age with the exception of

Who will end up #1?

The St. Louis Rams are on the clock. They have the number one overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft. The list of possible players has been cut down to QB Sam Bradford of Oklahoma, DT Ndamukong Suh of Nebraska, and DT Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma. The Rams are still waiting to watch all these