Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.  – Confucius.   LIONS When the time had finally come to bring down and demolish the Pontiac Silverdome in the suburban Detroit town last December, there’s no doubt that many long suffering Lions fans were very happy to see the



The selfishness of a starting Quarterback is almost forbidden on a football team. In fact, I can only think of one situation in where I’d allow it. When an NFL franchise picks a Quarterback in the first round of the draft, it’s an obvious statement to the whole franchise. The front office is telling everyone

NFL 1st QUARTER - By Rhodri Jones

NFL 1st QUARTER – By Rhodri Jones

There is something romantic, or maybe maniacal, about a man who comes to work every day, pours his heart and soul into preparing for a game and does so well that he grades off the charts, but loses that game nearly every week and still comes back every Monday for more. In Greek mythology, a guy



Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. – Martin Luther King, Jr.     At one point in all our lives we must stand up for something we believe in. There’s massive racial inequality still very much alive in the United states

Colin Kaepernick by Jason Figueroa

Colin Kaepernick by Jason Figueroa

“No refuge could save the hireling and slave /From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave / And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave / O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.” The Star Spangled Banner, America’s National Anthem, elicits pride in its citizens. We rise,



Before the San Francisco 49ers open their new home in Santa Clara, California. I think it’s more than appropriate to praise Candlestick Park and not bury it. I will start with a quick intro and then get into depth with the people and events the stadium has given to us all. I’m usually a pure

Daily Villain Dish – 04/25/14

Yankees’ Michael Pineda 10 game suspension After Wednesday nights Red Sox/Yankees game, many fans had to be wondering what is on Michael Pineda’s mind as well has his neck.  He was ejected for having a foreign substance on his person in the 2nd inning after Boston manager John Farrell called to the ump’s attention a

Villain’s Daily Dish – 02/16/14

Michael Sam’s bold move With the news over a week ago that former All-American Michael Sam is openly gay; the sports world was captive for a few days.  The news was a shock to some, but it today’s politically correct age it was easily accepted.  I’m glad Michael came out, some people questioned the timing

The Villain’s Daily Dish – Feb 9th 2014

A-rod drops the suit against MLB Finally justice will officially prevail and Alex Rodriguez has come to his senses. A-rod dropped his lawsuit against MLB, the Player’s Union, and the New York Yankees on Friday. This means he will serve his 162 game suspension and sit out the 2014 season. He also said he will

Manning Brady XV

The more things change, the more things stay the same.  Someone famous once said that, and I’m sure they knew it was the truth.  This Sunday, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will meet for the right to go to the Super Bowl for the 4th time in their careers.  Just like old times, a different

Daily Villain Dish – 01/15/14

LeBron’s Jealousy So LeBron James, reigning 3 time MVP and 2 time NBA Champion is jealous. Yes, jealous of Kevin Durant and his green light for shot attempts.  Basically James came out in an interview and said he’s jealous of Durant being able to jack up 30+ shots a game for his OKC Thunder.  I

RHOD'S CORNER - Clear eyes, Full hearts, Can't lose !

RHOD’S CORNER – Clear eyes, Full hearts, Can’t lose !

Earlier this week I watched the film Remember the Titans for about the 217th time and got that same shiver of inspiration I had the first time I saw it. For those that haven’t seen it, It’s the true story of T.C Williams high school football coach Herman Boone and the struggles he had coaching



There is something truly poetic about this time of year. My heart has been on a roller coaster these last few weeks but I do my most creative thinking and writing when I’m tested emotionally. I am used to physical and emotional trials in both love and life and I always find a way to



The autumn leaves are turning as is much in the pro football world. It was the beginning of December last year and I was awaiting a subway train at Canal street station in the lower east side of Manhattan, New York City. I was headed uptown to enjoy a night out with friends when I heard



My mother wrote this poem during her treatment for cancer a few years ago. Her courage during her illness is something that has and always will inspire me and something that speaks volumes of the person and mother she was. Growing up as a promising athlete, I went through many of the trials and emotions



In both football and life so many things are uncertain, but one certainty in both is change. How effective that change is comes down to the individual or people in control of the thing or circumstance that is changing. In the NFL, Every franchise goes through a certain amount of change during each off season

James Greenwood’s First Round Mock Draft

Kansas City (2-14) – Geno Smith QB West Virginia – The Chiefs have a major QB problem it is by far their biggest need and Geno Smith seems to be slowly separating himself from the pack. While he may not be a top 5 overall player in this draft he could still be the #1

The Case Against Paying Joe Flacco Big Money.

Now that the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl the NFL is now going through the grueling task of getting their teams ready for the 2014 season. Some players will cash in and some will see their careers ended. A lot of current talk has come to the future of Baltimore’s top signal caller Joe

"Don't Blame it on the Whistle"

“Don’t Blame it on the Whistle”

Referees do not play the game, they officiate the game. Yes, officials do make incorrect calls at times, and yes some of those calls do happen to occur at more costly moments in a game then others. It needs to be understood that through the minutes of a game, through the blood, sweat, and tears

He's Got Next!

He’s Got Next!

Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson. These are the names of some the hottest, young quarterbacks in the NFL right now. I wanna focus on one who was praised last year and, in my own humble opinion, has the highest ceiling of any player in the league. Cam. That’s right, Cam Newton

You Still Gotta Play The Game

You Still Gotta Play The Game

Even though the 2 teams playing in the Super Bowl have been determined, something still doesn’t sit well with me. After scrolling through the news feed on my favorite social media network this morning, the cold wind of discontent blew over me as I realized that NFL fans are not necessarily pleased with the match

This Crow Tastes Like....... Falcon?

This Crow Tastes Like……. Falcon?

Throughout the 2012 NFL season, I was one of the bigger critics of the “Dirty Birds” in the ATL, now I have them in the Super Bowl. After a 13-3 season and a first round bye, I expected more of the same from Atlanta, loads of hype, followed by a huge letdown in the Georgia

Tom Brady the AFC's Nightmare

Tom Brady the AFC’s Nightmare

Tom Brady has been in the NFL since the year 2000, and since Drew Bledsoe’s injury against the New York Jets which was and still is an arch rival of the New England Patriots that might have been the more costly mistake the Jets might have ever made.  Brady was drafted by the Patriots in

We must protect this house

As we go into Conference Championship Sunday, let us reflect on one of the greatest players to ever play the game. What makes Lewis the greatest isn’t necessarily just his numbers, or any kind of record-breaking statistic, but rather his attitude, work ethic, passion, love for the game, and his unique ability to make his

Manning drops back, he looks left, he...takes a knee?

Manning drops back, he looks left, he…takes a knee?

A lot of words come to mind when Peyton Manning’s name is brought up in conversations by people with knowledge of football. Words like genius and innovator, descriptions that compare him to the greatest of all time. I for one, believe that Peyton is among the greatest to have ever stepped under center. Children everywhere

Its All In Your Head, Literally

Its All In Your Head, Literally

I would like to preface the following article by stating that I have the utmost respect and admiration for the life and honor of both Junior Seau and Dave Duerson . My condolences to their families and friends and anyone else these wonderful men may have touched. Consummate professionals, Leaders of men, Warriors. These are

The Heart of a Champion, Even in a Loss

The Heart of a Champion, Even in a Loss

Anyone who is a football junkie like myself can quote line after line from various sports movies. Some of these quotes can be used for humor, some for motivation. But a choice few can be used as a philosophy explaining the mindset used in competition. Enter the 1993 film The Program. “Are you hurt or

Bengals show inadequacy in Texans rematch

Bengals show inadequacy in Texans rematch

Saturday Aftrnoon’s AFC Wildcard matchup pitted two familiar foes against each other in a rematch of last years AFC Wildcard game. The reeling Texans came into the game at a respectable 12-4, a mark slightly disappointing considering their 11-1 start to the season. Their stock was heading in the wrong direction having lost 1 of

Ray-Sing Cane...

Ray-Sing Cane…

Today on January 2nd 2013 Ray Lewis has stated that he will be hanging his football cleats up at the end of the season.  Ray has had to sit out majority of this 2012-2013 season due to injury of his triceps.  This also probably was the main reason Lewis has been on the fence about

Broth's Thoughts NFL Head Coaches on the Hot Seat

Broth’s Thoughts NFL Head Coaches on the Hot Seat

Coaches that seem on their way out at the end of the season Rex Ryan (NYJ) Ever since the 2010 season when they went 11-5 and hit the AFC championship game the Jets have gotten progressively worse every subsequent season 2011 going 8-8 and looking like a sub 500 season in 2012. Its not 100%

Bottom of the NFC North

Bottom of the NFC North

Contrary to what everyone else is writing about (How bad the Jets are or how shocking it is to see the Cardinals are at 4-0) we here at Sport City like to push the envelope, so indulge me while I fire up my soap box and go “Ham” about a few issues. What in the



week 2 In my second column of the season for, I thought I’d bring up a few topics that have had me thinking a little this past week. In last weeks column I talked about a few rookies that impressed and also a few that struggled. I’ll get back to my rookie watch later but wanted to start



WEEK 1 The 791 points scored since the Wednesday opener has set a Week 1 record and with five teams breaking the 40 point barrier on Sunday and Monday it was pretty easy to get creative when I sat down to write my first blog of the season for Until Monday night I was going to write about how the replacement

I Don’t Believe in a Madden Curse!

Madden 13 comes out today so it seemed like a fitting day for me to do this blog. Calvin Johnson is on the Cover of this years Madden. Everyone is already talking about when he is going to get hurt, I for one don’t believe in this curse. Let’s take a look at and breakdown

Season Preview: St. Louis Rams

St. Louis Rams Players lost RB Cadillac Williams WR Brandon Lloyd WR Mark Clayton G Jacob Bell G Adam Goldberg C Jason Brown DE James Hall DT Justin Bannan DT Fred Robbins DT Gary Gibson OLB Chris Chamberlain OLB Brady Poppinga CB Ronald Bartell CB Justin King K Josh Brown P Donnie Jones. Who will

Panthers Pre-Season Pressure Cooker

Panthers Pre-Season Pressure Cooker

Carolina Panthers Center Ryan Kalil placed a statement several days ago about their organization being the Super Bowl winner of this upcoming 2012-2013 season.  Unfortunately, he is not the only player on the team that believes in this standpoint.  Of course you will have other players support and back their teammate on such a serious

Season Obituary 2011-2012 Indianapolis Colts

Season Obituary 2011-2012 Indianapolis Colts

Here lies the season of the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have been,perennially, a playoff team since Peyton Manning came into his third season with the team. Now this year’s Colts team has secured the worst season record in the team’s history and nearly joined the 2008 Detroit Lions and the expansion Bucs as the third team to go winless in a full season.

Dear Steavie,

Dear Steavie,

Okay, I’ll admit right off the bat, the touchdown celebration was funny. But there is a time to be funny, and a time to do the right thing for your team. You obviously worked hard to prepare for your matchup with Darelle Revis, and for all intensive purposes, you were getting the better of him.

Harbaugh The League Over

Harbaugh The League Over

This is a story about two Harbaughs, their journeys through the football world, and the quest to bring toughness back in a league with rising puffcake-penalties and fines.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the success speaks for itself. The Harbaughs were both born in Toledo, Ohio and grew up in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan.

Season Obituary: Miami Dolphins

Season Obituary: Miami Dolphins

Here lies the season of the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins were a promising team back in 2008 when the “wildcat” offense was new and the phins were in the playoffs. But, since then they have fallen back into the den of inequity from whence they came and this year seems to be the franchises worst

What's Going On?

What’s Going On?

Since when was an average quarterback who hasn’t taken a snap in over nine months worth not one, but two first round draft picks? I know this is the Raiders, but I think this might have been considered to be a little crazy even by the late Al Davis’ standards. Palmer better be more productive than

NFL Week 2 Predicitions

I figured for my first blog post I’d give my pics for Week 2 early games (will do the late games later today or tomorrow). I’m no expert, just love the game… so here’s my opinion: Oakland @ Buffalo I like the Bills in this game for a couple reasons, 1 early game on the

Rookies With An Immediate Opportunity To Contribute

Rookies With An Immediate Opportunity To Contribute

On a scale of 1 – 5, I project both the actual impact to their real teams these players will have this year, and their fantasy football impact for 2011. Julio Jones, WR Falcons – Roddy White has needed a legitimate complimentary wide-out with the talent of Julio Jones for a while now. Julio has

Handcuffing Running Backs

Handcuffing Running Backs

In the fantasy football world, there is something known as handcuffing running backs. It is basically capitalizing on a weak run defense with more than one of the key backfield ball handlers for the opposition. At the same time, you would be limiting this player’s likely performance ‘ceiling’ for the day because you already know the carries

Field Generals: NFL Quarterback Update

Field Generals: NFL Quarterback Update

Getting even better this season will be Tampa Bay Quarterback Josh Freeman. The emergence of Blount in the backfield will continue to draw defenses in and open things up for Freeman to operate. He is a big quarterback who plays to win, regardless of stats. Part of that statement would make a fantasy player hesitate to pull

Wide - Outs

Wide – Outs

When I ‘m thinking of wide receivers in the NFL, I’m thinking of guys that epitomize the term ‘wide-outs’ in every literal sense. In other words, many of them are known as being high-maintenance divas whose demands many times seem far apart from their teams, and former teams subsequently. Some are often estranged, and some are



With the NFL lockout over I thought I would take a look at the players that went undrafted back in April’s NFL draft and pick a few I think can still be very successful at the next level. On opening weekend of the 2010 regular season, there were 59 undrafted free agents on 53-man rosters.