Daily Villain Dish – 04/25/14

Yankees’ Michael Pineda 10 game suspension After Wednesday nights Red Sox/Yankees game, many fans had to be wondering what is on Michael Pineda’s mind as well has his neck.  He was ejected for having a foreign substance on his person in the 2nd inning after Boston manager John Farrell called to the ump’s attention a

Daily Villain Dish – 04/18/14

Woodson, Kerr and Jackson’s decision The New York Knicks, and more importantly Phil Jackson, have a big decision to make about their coach.  Does Phil retain Mike Woodson after a disastrous season or does he being in his own guy?  Report came out today that Woody would like to be informed (via his agent mind

Requiem for the 2013-14 New York Knicks

The 2013-14 season for the New York Knicks got off to a bad start and it pretty much stayed that way.  They got off to a 3-13 start and where as many as 19 games under .500 for the season.  This was a Knicks team coming off a 50+ win season and to see them

Villain’s Daily Dish – 02/16/14

Michael Sam’s bold move With the news over a week ago that former All-American Michael Sam is openly gay; the sports world was captive for a few days.  The news was a shock to some, but it today’s politically correct age it was easily accepted.  I’m glad Michael came out, some people questioned the timing


In a world where those who finish second are often forgotten, it only seems right to compare a man who is tired of finishing second, with the man who he has often finished second to. Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Except more specifically, the two historic streaks that these NBA juggernauts have recently cemented in the

The Villain’s Daily Dish – Feb 9th 2014

A-rod drops the suit against MLB Finally justice will officially prevail and Alex Rodriguez has come to his senses. A-rod dropped his lawsuit against MLB, the Player’s Union, and the New York Yankees on Friday. This means he will serve his 162 game suspension and sit out the 2014 season. He also said he will

Daily Villain Dish – 01/15/14

LeBron’s Jealousy So LeBron James, reigning 3 time MVP and 2 time NBA Champion is jealous. Yes, jealous of Kevin Durant and his green light for shot attempts.  Basically James came out in an interview and said he’s jealous of Durant being able to jack up 30+ shots a game for his OKC Thunder.  I

The Fall of JR Smith

The New York Knicks were in the midst of a horrible start to the 2013-14 season.  And despite it all they had a chance to save their season with a back to back series with the first place Toronto Raptors.  2 loses later, they were staring a dreaded trip to Texas dubbed the “Texas Triangle”. 

Ready Talent > Raw Talent

  How many athletes have possessed such elite talent to not only surpass the college level , but to remain relevant in their sport when they reach the professional level? The answer…not many. When considering the number of athletes that have jumped from high school and gone directly into the pros, Basketball has felt the

“Don’t Blame it on the Whistle”

Referees do not play the game, they officiate the game. Yes, officials do make incorrect calls at times, and yes some of those calls do happen to occur at more costly moments in a game then others. It needs to be understood that through the minutes of a game, through the blood, sweat, and tears

This Is Not Your Father’s NBA, Or Is It?

Is Kevin Garnett dirty? Is Carmelo Anthony thin skinned? Is this what the game of basketball that I grew up loving has now come to? The shoving match that ensued Monday night as the Boston Celtics took on the New York Knicks stirred up quite the media frenzy and got all NBA fans buzzing. After

A Villiain’s State of Mind – Jeremy Lin v. NY Knicks

*Written before new broke on Knicks choice not to match Offer sheet for Lin* Jeremy Lin was the biggest story in NY since the Bronx Zoo, Son of Sam, the Blackout, etc. He saved the 2011-12 Knicks season.  At a point when Mike D’Antoni was one loss away from being fired, Carmelo couldn’t stay healthy

NBA U-Haul At its best!

Ever since 2008 the NBA has been on watch on how to develop quality playoff or championship type teams.  Boston Celtics were the example at that given time, and then LeBron went to Miami next… A few years later in this current year of 2012 every team is trying to load up and get to

Kevin Durant – Most Valuable Player

After draining the dramatic game-winning 3-pointer from several feet beyond the arc against the defending world champion Dallas Mavericks, Kevin Durant was just as he always is; calm and in control. The two-time defending scoring champion doesn’t just score, he scores in the clutchest of moments. That’s right, I said clutchest. We all have known

Thirsty Thursday

Lace-up those Nike’s – the Madness has resumed! But it’s not just NCAA that’s ripe for the taking, oh no, the NBA has also given us a multitude of scenarios to pick over. What’s Good? Jimmer Fredette aka WHITE VADER not a reasonable NBA starter? Get the f out of here! Everyone is trying to

A Melo State of Mind

Well after all the drama and nail biting situations Renaldo Balkman is back in New York!!!! Wow, can u believe it??? Well after the Isiah Thomas era the Knicks got rid of the Small Forward and sent him all over the NBA and now leading him right back to square one.  Well we all know

Blame it on the game

According to New York Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni the fans at MSG chanting the words Melo, Melo, Melo (in reference to bringing Carmelo Anthony to NY) have distracted the Knicks and made it tough for them to play.  Message to coach D’Antoni: The crowds chanting Melo is not the problem with the Knicks.  How

South Beach Party!!!!!!

Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade focused their attentions toward Miami, FL to start a new regime in the NBA.  Some how or some way these two significant players enticed “The King” LeBron James to actually come to the Beach and PARTY.  Now the new question is, who can stop the Heat from burning the Eastern

My Fantasy Foursome of NBA Free Agency

The fantasy foursome is something we golfers can go on and on about.  And we do, because the question comes up a lot and there are endless variations on the theme. In post-round conversation at the 19th hole it’s a common query, and just about every golf publication will present it periodically, usually in the

A Harsh Knick Reality

The harsh reality for the Knicks is about ready to be revealed. For the past 2 or 3 years the Knicks have been clearing cap space in hopes of signing LeBron James in this most anticipated NBA free agent summer. That dream is about to come to a screeching hault. LeBron has given all indications

The LeBron Tour.. Wont Happen!

As reported on ESPN.com, LeBron James’ agent Maverick Carter stated he will not go on a recruiting tour to different cities. The New York Knicks and the city had planned on having an A list party showing all that the cities offers. LeBron prefers to meet with teams one on one on a neutral site

Draft Day!!!!!!!

All eyes are on John Wall as we get this NBA Draft going today. This will be a really interesting draft as there is good potential coming out of college. There are many notable names other than Wall that can be impact players in this upcoming season.  Greg Monroe, DeMarcus Cousins and Evan Turner to name

The Kardashian Touch

Yes we are talking sports. The Keeping up with the Kardashian Show is already successful. Yet the latest talk in the sports world is about the championship edge the ladies bring to the table. Reggie Bush .. check! Lamar Odom .. check!Ty Lawson posted a message on his twitter account claiming, ” I heard if

Manute Bol the 7’7″ Legend Passes… R.I.P.

Manute Bol the NBA’s tallest player at 7 feet 7 inches has passed away today on June 19th at the age of 47.  He played with several teams including: Philadelphia 76ers, Washington Bullets, and the Golden State Warriors to name a few teams that he was actually noted as playing for and he may have

He got Game… Is that Jesus Shuttlesworth?

(photo courtesy of ESPN.com) Calling Spike? Paging Spike.. Lee? Did Jesus Shuttlesworth appear at the Staples Center in 2010?… Yes! Ray Allen put on a performance for the ages. Ray Allen played Jesus Shuttlesworth in Spike Lee’s He Got Game in 1998. In 2010, Ray still has game. He unleashed 8 3 point fg’s to

A Legendary Rest….

John Wooden was pronounced deceased yesterday after entering the Los Angeles area hospital with an illness that was gravely taking over his body.  He fought through the illness the last few years of his life living a tremendous 99 years being a mastermind of basketball for the UCLA Bruins he was also well known as

Celtic Pride

A Orlando Magic team who was unbeaten in the playoffs has now tasted defeat in an up and down game against the Boston Celtics.  Now that the Celtics have won a game in Orlando they have now taken over the home court advantage.  Three Months ago this was the same team who lost at home


There have been many of 1-2 punches in sports, let alone basketball.  The way the Celtics look today it was an all out war against the Magic as they faced their first defeat in the playoffs.  Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone & John Stockton, Larry Bird & Kevin McHale are just a few

Running of the Bulls

Game 6 is upon us. If the Celtics win.. will this be LeBron’s last game as a Cavalier? Will he bolt for Chicago or New York? So many questions revolve around one playoff game. Sure New York has Spike Lee, Jay Z, Derek Jeter and Co. and Scores NY to help push the button of

Good for the game?

On monday night David Stern once again reiterated that he would like to see Lebron James re-sign with Cleveland this offseason.  Stern was quoted as saying “I hope he’ll stay, thats the way the system is designed”.  The system which Stern is referring to is one where small market teams have had much success in the

Goodbye Vinny

Vinny Del Negro has lead his young  Bulls team to the playoffs two years in a row. You would assume that means he would have some job security for next season. Well job security does not exist in the NBA and not in Chicago. Del Negro has been thrown under the bus for his confrontation


After a well played game last night in Oklahoma City the Thunder had a one point lead late into the fourth quarter against the Lakers.  As we all know the Lakers get the ball to one place in this moment in time, and Kobe Bryant was the shooter and Russell Westbrook was the defender.  The

2010 NBA Playoffs

The first round has been hot with action. The Magic are the only team to complete a sweep. The Cavs have pulled ahead 3-1 and are looking to  knock the Bulls out. The Celtics, Spurs, and Jazz also hold 3-1 lead in their series and look to close out in game 5. The Suns lead

LeBron to NY in 2010?

No. It will not happen. LeBron James will not sign with the New York Knicks this summer. You heard it hear first, or second, maybe third, chances are you have heard so many rumors about LeBron you have no idea how many times you have read an article like this. As the playoffs approach we

The Thunder Cat

Kevin Durant is the star. Jeff Green is the young vet. Thabo is the pesky defender. James Harden is the rookie. Russell Westbrook is the Thunder Cat. That is right, Westbrook is the sophomore  guard who has helped steer the Oklahoma City Thunder to a playoff spot. Yes we all know KD gets a lot

Nets CEO takes aim at Brown Bag Fans

The Nets season hit another bumpy road on Monday night. The New Jersey Nets CEO Brett Yorkmak was seen yelling at fans that were in attendance wearing brown paper bags over their heads. Yorkmak reportedly was leaving his court side seat when he initiated the heated exchange with fans. The Nets are 7-63 to date

Agent Six

Adios Agent Zero. Hello Agent Six. That is right Gilbert Arenas will no longer wear the number zero. He was approved to wear number six next year for whichever team he ends up playing for. He is the 2nd high profiled NBA player to change to the number six. LeBron James also has decided to

The J.E.T. is in the hangar for a while…

Jason Terry suffered a facial broken bone and the Dallas Mavericks have been flying high with the JET’s performance as of late.  The reigning sixth man is out 10-14 days and will possibly be wearing a facial mask to protect his face.  The team is now on a 10 game winning streak and it is

Finley is On the Road Again!!!

Swingman/Shooting Guard Michael Finley is now said to be a new addition to the Boston Celtics.  After winning his first title with the Spurs they have now parted ways after a few shows and he is now searching for a new team to be a factor for.  The team that he is now looking to

How low can you go??

File this one under “shocker”.  The New Jersey Nets go in to Boston and beat the slumping Celtics on their home floor.  After the game Kevin Garnett said he was flat out disgusted, and for good reason.  The Nets began the day 5-52 a win percentage of .088. The Celtics % was .643. That’s a difference of .555. Over

Kidd’s Play Surely isn’t Childs Play!!!

Jason Kidd may be an Old Dog in the league but the Triple Double he posted against the Atlanta Hawks has to be one of the most extraordinary things accomplished all year.  He had 19 points, 17 rebounds and 16 assists is something we all need to consider he as done the three way 15

Thabeet got D Beat!!!

After the Memphis Grizzlies selected the Former UConn center he hasn’t produced much upon arriving in the NBA.  Just to take notice he left College early to be sent to the NBA D-League.  We now have to see if he can totally take over the D-League and be able to produce at NBA form.  What

Kobe beats another Buzzer!!!!

Upon Kobe’s return again he beat another team at the buzzer.  The Memphis Grizzlies played a good game last night to lose a late second stunner to the Lakers 99-98.  Kobe caught the Inbound pass at the top wing and the rest was history.  The guy can score when he wants but the team as

9 Times A Charm

And the beat goes on…The surging Oklahoma City Thunder won again tonight and have now won 9 games in a row.  The phenom that is known as “Durantula” dropped 32 points.  That marks the 28th consecutive game with 25+ points for Kevin Durant.  No other active player has had a streak that long in their

Take That Shaq!

Shaquille O’neal took exception to the media referring to Dwight Howard as “Superman”…a nickname that O’neal has held for years.   But is Howard very far away from attaining the level that Shaq was once at in his prime?  In a much anticipated matchup this weekend Dwight Howard led the Orlando Magic to a big win over

Durantula On Broadway

Despite Tracy McGrady’s debut in New York, the Oklahoma City Thunder played spoiler to the Knicks Home welcome of T-Mac coming in to the Big apple!  Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant had 30+ point efforts and that was just enough to pull the Thunder to an overtime victory at 121-118.  Durant and his 25+ point

Jamison Debut wasn’t a good one…..

Upon Antawn lining up with the Cavaliers for the first time he had returned to a state which he knows pretty well.  The Cavaliers were on the road against the Charlotte Bobcats and Antawn Jamison had an 0-12 effort in a convincing loss Friday.  110-93 was the 17 point blowout that now has the formerly

The Rulers of the East?

The NBA trade deadline has come and gone.  And the question I have is who will be the ruler of the Eastern Conference.  2 major players made deals by the deadline in the Cavs getting Antawn Jamison and the Celtics getting Nate Robinson, the Magic and the Atlanta Hawks stayed still and decided to go

Wizards Wisdom is leaving……

The Washington Wizards let 2 of the 3 stars of there sideshow go.  Now the question lies where will Gilbert Arenas be in years to come and what doe the future hold for a team who is struggling to stay within reach of the rest of the Eastern Conference.