Mar 062010

Tiger Woods is now out of Rehabilitation and now everyone is awaiting his return to Golf.  He has announced the upcoming tournament will not be a target for his return but Golf actually needs Tiger in the worst way.  Every facet of sales to viewers have dropped since the Veteran Phenom has departed from the sport for a few months after the dilemma with family issues.  The new drama is when he returns will he be the same or will Golf be worth watching??


Ty Powell aka TP Tymeless is currently living in Stamford, Connecticut. Tymeless is another die hard fan but of the Lions, Thunder, Twins, Hoyas, and The U. Ty grew up in Stamford and went to college in Rhode Island. He is a founding member of the Sport City Chefs network and can be heard on 8 regular shows. OWWWWWW!

  3 Responses to “No Animals in the Clubhouse or on the Field”

  1. Tiger’s golf game hasn’t changed just his image. He will win win and win some more.

  2. Tiger is an animal reguardless!!!!

  3. Tiger is a beast he’s a pitbull

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