Mar 042010

After taking a break for the Olympics the NHL has resumed. The problem is did anyone notice. The NHL was flying in high gear mid season when it had to stop and take a leave of absents for the Olympics. Don’t take this the wrong way I love the Olympic hockey games. The gold game between Canada and the United States was an EPIC game. It will go down in history as one of the best matches ever played in hockey. The problem is the season was brought to a stop and now players have to try to get back into season mode before turning to the playoffs. Unlike other team sports that compete in Olympics after the season hockey is different. Do you think the stoppage in play hurt the NHL season? Or did you not even notice that the NHL was playing again? Post your thoughts….


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  1. Did anyone notice the Flyers and Panthers had not 1 fight but 2 fights in the first 5 seconds of their game last night. Crazy!! NHL needs to get noticed for more than fighting its turning itself around…. ANYONE ? PLEASE ? ANYONE? HELLO? ARE YOU THERE? Guess not… I will have to talk NHL by myself or mention the article as NFL or NBA!

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