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Aug 022011

When I ‘m thinking of wide receivers in the NFL, I’m thinking of guys that epitomize the term ‘wide-outs’ in every literal sense. In other words, many of them are known as being high-maintenance divas whose demands many times seem far apart from their teams, and former teams subsequently. Some are often estranged, and some are just strange. Where to begin on the subject? sigggggh.

Well let me at least put it this way, it’s not entirely all their fault. Blame gravity. Blame misspent tax dollars. Blame the lady who thought it was cool to change a diaper in the middle seats of a movie theater. Blame the fact that Al Davis is still alive and allowed to own an NFL franchise. But please don’t blame wide-outs! Asking someone to consistently run a route and catch a ball has become such a delicate science these days. siggggggh. For those that counted, that was one more G in that sigh than in the previous one.

Just take it past the goaline DeSean.

When the Philadelphia Eagles decided to invest $60 million/ 5 years in to CB Nhamdi Asomugha a lot of Philly fans were very happy to see the team’s work. What do you think DeSean Jackson thought about that and his own $565,000 salary for 2011? I’m assuming we don’t need to spell out the acronym WTF. After all, the Jets took care of their guy Santonio Holmes to the tune of $50 million/5 years with about half of it guaranteed. So let’s go Eagles, take care of DeSean. You’re taking care of everyone else already, and three cornerbacks can’t give you what one DeSean Jackson can.

Randy Moss has retired? Yeah, okay, I’ll pretend to believe that’s a sincere retirement and not just a break from camp and waiting to see if he can sign with a contending team. Peyton Manning says that he is more than willing to take a cut in pay if it goes towards a key signing for his team. Rumors are that Randy Moss is in the best shape he’s been in a decade. With his slim build, I don’t doubt that at all. It is believed by those that are close that he would be playing with a chip on his shoulder this year, if he does play at all. Does anyone remember what a Randy Moss with a chip on his shoulder is like?

I just thought I would throw that out there, in case you haven’t thought about this scenario already. But this could easily be the bargain of the year for someone. For some reason, Moss and Washington coach Shanahan have expressed mutual interest. I don’t know why he would settle on Washington. But knowing Snyder, I think Moss may be using that to drive up the price just a little for whoever is lucky enough to acquire his services this year.

For whatever it’s worth, it appears that Washington does not still have much interest in the other Moss, Santana. It seemed as though his small stature may have contributed in getting him lost among a see of malcontent newcomers and overall d-bag moves by coach Shanahan in D.C. For what it just might be worth, I think that Santana Moss could prove to be almost as much of a bargain this year to someone as Randy (no relation) should likely be. Or no wait, Randy is retired. – wink, wink

Many people thought that the Giants were going to be involved in talks with Plaxico Burress and acknowledge that their offense had never been the same after he shot himself in the foot (literally) and was sentenced to Rikers Island as a result. Recent reports say that he will in fact be returning to New York, to the Jets. It will be interesting to see how much rust Plaxico may have, but one would have to believe that this will at least improve the Jets’ red zone offense; which is something that they showed to be severely lacking in their playoff game in Pittsburgh. This also sent a pretty clear message that Braylon Edwards is just going to have to take his beard and play somewhere else.

While the Giants did not make a strong play at Plaxico Burress understandably, they are expected to be re-signing Steve Smith. I wish I had more to say about Steve, but who does really? He’s so boringly normal. That doesn’t sound like a true wide-out. That sounds more like an ideal slot receiver. What do you know? He is.

Have Some!

The Panthers have the other Steve Smith signed through 2012, and that’s something that he isn’t terribly happy about. If it was up to him, he would likely be on the move. Can you blame him? Despite the Panthers recent efforts to better their team and re-sign DeAngelo Williams, their offense still has big question marks. So there is still a very real possibility that Carolina could look to move the disgruntled wide-out. But my guess would be that he will stay put this year and find out what they really have in Cam Newton.

Sidney Rice will be taking his talents to Seattle along with teammate Tavaris Jackson. The Vikings didn’t even come very close to the $41 million/5 year deal that the Seahawks put up and at that time they still had yet to secure Donovan McNabb. So he left the division that is home to the defending Super Bowl champions for a division where the biggest competition is St. Louis. Can you blame him?

Speaking of St. Louis, they took a very well “calculated risk”  in adding often aloof wide-out Mike Sims-Walker. Want more hyphens than that? Sure. I-don’t-think-that-will-work-out-for-very-long. But regardless of what I think, Sims-Walker is a gifted receiver who could be scary good for the Rams if second year stud Sam Bradford can consistently get the best out of him. Start with an alarm clock a little less female companionship on game mornings and the rest should be easy, right? Put it this way, I vote this man as the most likely name included in this blog to be the father of the kid being changed in the middle of the theaters.

The Chiefs have shown that they are serious about trying to help Dwayne Bowe shake off some double teams by signing Steve Breaston. That should be a move that pays dividends to both QB Matt Cassel and RB Jamal Charles as well. Donald Driver and Greg Jennings went to bat for fellow ‘wide-out’ James Jones this off-season which I believe was key in the Packers re-signing Jones. Along with a healthy starting RB Ryan Grant and TE Jermichael Finley this season, the Packers could be even better in 2011.

Reports are that the New Orleans Saints and Lance Moore have agreed on terms for a 5 year contract. Along with dynamic new arrivals Darren Sproles and stud rookie Mark Ingram to their backfield, things will likely be very ‘Breesy’ once again in the music city.

It’s been almost 2 years since Vincent Jackson has taken part of an NFL practice. So who actually thinks more of Vincent Jackson than Vincent Jackson himself? The Chargers. They will be having Jackson sign his franchise tender before the end of the week. So in the mean time, Malcom Floyd will likely remain a free agent. Personally, I believe Floyd can bring just about everything to a team that Jackson can. Reports say that he could be heading east. Whoever gets him would be getting a 6’5 target who can be the perfect #2 wide-out for someone. He will bring great value for the most aggressive bidder.

Braylon, try Remington. They are like the Crown Royal of trimmers.

Will either Braylon Edwards or Terrell Owens possibly be in the Manning/McNabb/Romo sweepstakes? . It’s still hard to say, but those are several of the better teams that are still looking for one more playmaker. Both are still unsigned. Neither one is known as having the most sure hands in the league. And so what if one is an alcoholic driver and the other is a 37-year-old who once sat out and entire year just to make a point about America’s lack of fitness in our driveways. They are both large targets that can still give a team a solid weapon that demands attention. But for some reason, it wouldn’t surprise me too much if T.O.’s popcorn got cold and he pulls a ‘Randy’ and storms off for a while. But either way, I still believe he’s got 2 more strong years left if he really wants it.

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