What’s Going On?

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Oct 212011

Since when was an average quarterback who hasn’t taken a snap in over nine months worth not one, but two first round draft picks? I know this is the Raiders, but I think this might have been considered to be a little crazy even by the late Al Davis’ standards. Palmer better be more productive than he’s been the past couple of years.

Super Bowl rings can't be found in cereal boxes, Rex.

I’ve always loved Rex Ryan, for better or worse, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not hear to call him on his crap too. Stop talking about Super Bowl championships! Over and over, every friggin’ time I turn around I hear Rex Ryan talking about championships! Shut up and play the game one week at a time. You have enough to worry about in defending Mark Sanchez every week, releasing veteran receivers, and tolerating yet another disappointing season with Shonn Greene.

If you can’t run straight, better Luck next time? – As in Andrew Luck. Things are going so bad for the Miami Dolphins right now that Brandon Marshall can’t even re-direct himself while not being touched to simply run straight, and to the house. About the only thing the Dolphins are taking to the house these days are their strong contention in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

Can the Colts actually uproot the Dolphins in this sweepstakes? I sure hope not. After all this time of having Peyton Manning, I just don’t think  that would be fair. Yes, they are a horrid team right now, but in my opinion, they haven’t suffered long enough to deserve that pick. But how bad they have been terrible isn’t what will decide if they get this pick or not. Rumors are that Luck might not be willing to go to a team like Indy. If Manning is still there and expected to start healthy next year, than Luck will not want to be back up. Even though I am beginning to believe that Peyton Manning is almost done, I sure hope this ends up affecting their ability to possibly get Luck.

Yeah, that happened...

The Rams seem to be worthy of mention in the topic of worst teams going right now, but they have a commitment to Sam Bradford. – About 50 million commitments, to elaborate just a little. They also acquired receiver Brandon Lloyd from the Broncos for just a sixth round pick after letting go of Mike Sims-Walker. I think it was a nice move, and one that shows Bradford that they are serious about getting the right guys around him. However, they still have a lot of work to do with their offensive lime. I would predict that they go after one of the better linemen early in the 2012 draft.

What’s the deal with the Bucs this year? Seriously, I just don’t know about these guys? They barely brush off the Colts, get destroyed by the 49ers, and then beat the Saints the following week. Mike Williams is continuing to prove that he is not a guy who can be a number one receiver on a weekly basis, and now Blount looks likely to not be back until week 9 or 10. So that’s whats going on with Tampa I guess?

Will the Packers ever lose this year? It sure looks like this team could possibly run the table if that was their goal, but they are after another Lombardi Trophy. So with that said, I believe in a very Colt-like mindset, they will drop at least one of their final six games which include tough divisional games versus the Bears and twice against the Lions. Aaron Rodgers is a better passer than you ever were Brett Favre, so shut up and go sext-message someone who still cares about you.

So everyone knows by now that both the Lions and 49ers are for real this season. The 49ers proved their legitimacy in 2011 by taking a game in Detroit, and exploiting the Lions’ running game as well as running defense. After a very close and intense game, we find ourselves talking about a handshake.

Harbaugh, go jump around once you get in the locker room. Heck, take your shirt all the way off once you get there. We don’t care, as long as we don’t have to see it. I’m sure that’s what Jim Schwartz was thinking too before you pushed him out of the way at his home stadium after beating him. And Swartz, settle down and stop crying. Chasing the guy down doesn’t make you look any better, and if you were a player, I believe you would have been heavily fined for doing that. So grow up, and take a loss like a man, Mr. Schwartz. Figure out how to stop the run, or get used to opposing coaches being in a jubilant mood after games against your Lions.



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