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Well guys, after our show on Tuesday and all the Peyton Manning talk, I got to thinking who would be my pick for the top 5 QB’s of all time.  So after hours of debate between the left side and the right side of my brain and my heart throwing in a thing or two, here who I came up with.

1. Joe Montana-won 4 Super Bowls, was the master of comeback wins.

2. John Elway-5 Super Bowls, 2 wins, was the second master of comeback wins.

3. Johnny Unitas-Revolutionized the QB position

4. Dan Marino-I know I know, no Super Bowls, but he didn’t have a defense or running game either for his career.  Set several NFL passing records.

5. Terry Bradshaw-As much as I hated him, I respected him.  He won 4 Super Bowls and played big in big games.

There you go, Cowboy Chris’s top 5.  We will be going over best of all time in different sports and positions on Thursdays show.  Feel free to call in and give us your picks and lets us know what your thinking.  Hopefully the kitchen doesn’t get to hot for ya.


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  1. I admire your brave and honest writing. But lets be reasonable ..
    1. Bart Starr 2 Super Bowl Wins and 3 NFL Championships
    2. Joe Montana 4 Super Bowl Wins
    3. John Elway 5 Super Bowl Appearances with 2 Wins
    4. Tom Brady 4 Super Bowl Appearances with 3 Wins and a 16-0 Season
    5. Johnny Unitas 2 NFL Championships and 1 Super Bowl Win

    Thats a TOP 5 everyone has the rings to back it up… Marino is a TOP 10 QB but not in TOP 5

  2. Look at Marinos stats, he is a top 5 qb, its not his fault his defense couldnt stop anyone and he didnt have a running game.

  3. Chris, I love where your head is at my man. This is an argument we can have all day. Coach Lane called me after the show and we went at it!! Here’s my Top 5, either love it, or leave it alone!

    1. Johnny Unitas – This is my #1 because I just feel like he has the championships (NFL and Super Bowl). But more importantly, there was a way to play QB before him, and a way after he left the league. He revolutionized the position, he’s the Moses of QBs
    2. Joe Montana – He won 4 championships, most SB MVP (3), 2-Time NFL MVP, finished his career in the top 5 of most QB records, 31 4th comeback wins, enough said.
    3. John Elway – Led his team to 5 SB, 2 wins, 148 wins as starter (record), MVP once, In top 5 in most stat categories and one of the toughest QBs I’ve seen.
    4. Dan Marino – I know I’ll get killed for this because of his lack of championships, but he holds just about every record. He took this position to the next level
    5. Sammy Baugh – He changed the game, made the forward pass cool. If he played in the modern era, he’s have ever record

    Honorable Mention: Peyton Manning, Fran Tarkenton, Bart Starr, Roger Staubach, Jim Kelly, Troy Aikman, Brett Farve, Tom Brady

  4. DRAMA!!!! Everybody gonna have an opinion!! Lets go!!

  5. TP, where’s you top 5?

  6. Hey Barry,

    Bradshaw isnt even an Honorable Mention?

  7. Greatest of All Time Show ……….Lets Go!

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