Feb 112010

I cant help but think of the Black Eyed Peas song Tonights going to be a good night.  Thats right tonight is out greatest of all time show and we will be talking NFL of course.  I’ve already given you my QB’s so I figured why not give you my RB’s too, so here we go:

5. Barry Sanders- very well could be higher on the list, but not on mine.  He retired too young and it was a shame.  Lions fans still havent recovered.

4. O.J. Simpson-great running back and some very very bad teams.  He carried a horrible Bills franchise for many years.

3. Walter Payton- I loved watching Walter run and just run guys over.

2. Jim Brown- another rb that retired too young, but he went out on his terms.

1. Emmitt Smith- I know I’m gonna take heat for this one, but I’m gonna stay in the kitchen and take it.  All time leading rusher. enough said.


  4 Responses to “Top 5 NFL RB’s of all time.”

  1. ROTFLOL!!!!!
    Come on!!

  2. Ok great show, so I figured I’d post my top 5 ASAP:

    1. Jim Brown
    2. Emmitt Smith
    3. Walter Payton
    4. Barry Sanders
    5. Eric Dickerson

    Honorable Mention – O.J. Simpson, Tony Dorsett, Marshall Faulk, Jim Thorpe, LT

  3. Great Topics…Ill post my TOP 5 too……..

    1. Jim Brown
    2. Walter Peyton
    3. Emmitt Smith
    4. Barry Sanders
    5. Gale Sayers

    Loved the show I know I had to put up two Bears RBs but hey gotta love those 2!!

  4. 1. Jim Brown
    2. Walter Peyton
    3. Barry Sanders
    4. Gale Sayers
    5. Emmitt Smith

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