Feb 092014

A-rod drops the suit against MLB

Finally justice will officially prevail and Alex Rodriguez has come to his senses. A-rod dropped his lawsuit against MLB, the Player’s Union, and the New York Yankees on Friday. This means he will serve his 162 game suspension and sit out the 2014 season. He also said he will not attend spring training, as was his right and his intentions. At the end of the day his appeal ssaved him 6 million dollars and he now won’t be seen until age 40. The Yankees should pull the plug and cut him, but why pay him? Alex career is all but over, not many 40 year old players play at any level. If we are lucky, he will ride off on the sunset, alone.


Knicks need to trade Melo

I am a Knicks fan, first and foremost. But this season is a lost cause. As of Feb 9th, the Knicks are 19-30 and lost. Woodson can’t get the players to give effort every night, the thing that gets most coaches fired. Everyone knows the drama with Smith and we have a free agent to be in Carmelo Anthony having his best season as a pro. His value is high and wr have to let him go. This team is poorly built around him and he had no chance of winning until maybe 2016. By then he will start to breakdown and will cozy 25 million a year.  Knicks bass owe this man a chance to win by letting him do it somewhere else. We also need to blow this up and start over. But knowing the Knicks, they don’t care about winning, they only care about money. They will sign him and keep barely making the playoffs will no sign of really building a winner. Is now 41 years and counting.


The number 1 pick is…

As good as your guess. There is alot of talent in the NFL Draft, and especially at quarterback. Manziel, Bridgewater, Bowles are at the top. But there is a beast named Clowney who can change your team. The Houston Texans have this pick and there is a good case for a QB or Clowney. Putting him with J.J. Watt is a recipe for wins with defense. But home grown Johnny Football is the no breaker to lead your franchise with your new coach. He will pack seats and it’s proven your team must have a solid QB. Matt Schuab was a franchise qb, but he had a terrible 2014 and now they have this one shot to stay a new leader that not many teams get. As the Colts, Giants, Packers, Steelers how important it is. The world will be watching to see what they do, but it will effect the Rams, Browns, and Jaguars that pick behind them.

Barry the Villain

I know who the Villain is... He happens to be the most dangerous man in the world. I hoped we'd never hear from him, hoped we'd never have to battle him. But now the worst has happened, and I must tell you what we're up against... Just a New York sports fan from CT with a passion for sports, music and the quiet life. But some have called me evil, villain, dangerous because I speak with no filter and tell the truth. If that makes me a villain, than so be it!! The most feared man in Sport City. No mercy on all evil doers who cheer for lousy sports teams!

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