Oct 252011

Here lies the season of the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins were a promising team back in 2008 when the “wildcat” offense was new and the phins were in the playoffs. But, since then they have fallen back into the den of inequity from whence they came and this year seems to be the franchises worst yet.

Cause of Death:

1. A lack of support from ownership to the coach: The fiasco that happened last off-season when Dolphin’s owner Steve Ross tried to give then Stanford now 49er head coach Jim Harbaugh the head coaching job in Miami. Only problem is, that the Dolphins neglected to tell Tony Sporano that his job was currently vacant, because it wasn’t they tried to give Harbaugh the job before firing Sporano. So what? some might say so if your owner doesn’t respect the head coach why would the players? Currently, the players are working for a lame duck coach so they have to only play good enough to not have some rookie take their jobs.

2. Chad Henne’s injury: Unlike the aforementioned players who for the most part won’t lose their starting jobs Chad Henne’s goal for the season was to win enough games to put the Dolphins in no position to draft a top QB prospect this season. The Dolphins had a chance to beat San Diego had Henne not left the game and lets face facts the Jets game and the Broncos game were very winnable had Henne been at the helm.

3. The schedule: To this point in the season the Dolphins have only played one team with a sub 500 record seven weeks in the NFL season. Looking at the rest of the season they are only playing one more team that currently has a sub 500 record. That ladies and gentlemen is a brutal schedule.

The rest of the schedule:

@Kansas City







@New England


Currently I can see a maximum of 1 or 2 wins over the rest of the season. I can easily see the Dolphins going 0-16 for the rest of the season as the pressure mounts to get a win and on the other side teams don’t want to be the one. All of the teams save Philadelphia has a 500 or better record. Philadelphia is getting vastly better and so are the Chiefs.

Looking into the Crystal Ball:

Head Coach Wish List: I’m not going to pretend to predict the future but from what I see out of the front office this is what I think is the wish list for Miami.

1. Bill Cowher – If you look at the off season moves made by Miami it screams a team built for Bill Cowher to take over. You can make the comparison between Reggie Bush and Willie Parker while Daniel Thomas is no Jerome Bettis he would be able to play that role. The team already runs a 3-4 D with some very interesting talent at the LB positions. Bill Cowher wants complete organizational control something that only Miami can give at this point.

2. Rob Ryan – I may be reaching here but seeing Rob Ryan’s defenses continually stifling the biggest threat in the division (Tom Brady) has to put this guy on the list. Finding a great offensive coordinator will be tough but that small piece aside this can be a match made in heaven and also make the AFC East the most entertaining division in the league.

3. John Gruden – Will be a longshot considering he signed a huge deal with ESPN but this owner wants a big name at the head coach position. John Gruden is a well known Super Bowl winning coach who could really bring out the best in Davon Bess.

4. Urban Meyer – When it is all said and done the NFL is a business.  Nothing will put more rumps in the seats of a struggling franchise more than a beloved hero coach returning to the bench.  Add a ill informed trade for Tim Tebow and the people of Florida will sell out Sun Life Stadium for years to come.

Suck for Luck Sweepstakes:

Can it be possible that the Dolphins go 0-16 and still come in second in the Suck for Luck sweepstakes? It very well could happen if the Colts also go 0-16 they have the weakness of schedule to steal the #1 overall pick from the Dolphins. If that happens it becomes very interesting do the Dolphins trade up with the colts? Do they trade for Peyton Manning? I’d be willing to bet that one or the other happens.


James is a draftnic who won't call himself an expert. He has followed the NFL draft since 2004. James believes that history and precedence as well as a keen eye for talent is the real key for predicting and accurately defining what makes good NFL players and where they fit in the NFL. As a college graduate in Bioinformatics he has grown to adapt to reading trends weather it comes in the form of genetic material or NFL prospects he devotes hundreds of hours a year to the craft of studying the NFL draft from all angles to create an unique and in all hopes accurate draft experience to all who would listen.

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