Jul 152011

Looks like Sport City is turning pro these days. The mega-stars of the podcast world are gettin’ it done once again! This time it’s with free agent linebacker of the Super Bowl XLIV Champion New Orleans Saints, Scott Shanle. Join the chefs of Sport City at the Friday night Roundtable (or afternoon, depending on where you live) 6:30ET as we discuss the lockout from a full spectrum with a real pro going through it right now. What does a FA linebacker do with himself when there is no one in NFL pads to hit? Who are the players and coaches that Mr. Shanle admire most? What are Scott’s hopes for his own personal future?

 ….And of course, what can we fans make of this lockout, and when can we expect a new agreement with the owners to get finalized? Tune in and find out as we grill up some extra goodness in the kitchen with a real-life Super Bowl Champion.

Tired of dull shows on the internet?  Then stop wasting time with ametuers and play with the pros at blogtalkradio/sportcitychefs.com with great shows seven days a week.

I would advise sports fans to be there and not possibly upset a 6’2 245lb. Nebraska Cornhusker with 345 professional tackles.

So if you’re a real sports gal or dude, be sure to come get your sports food….While it’s hot!

Caleb Parkinson

Being from the NW requires a strong sense of fan-hood. Also, it causes nerve damage and an overall lack of sensitivity. I should know, but that's part of the grind. If a fan's suffering is supposed to build character, then I've got more characters than Robert Downey Jr. and Christian Bale combined. I am amazingly awesome. I am amazingly sarcastic as well. I like a lot of things, except the things that I don't like. I know about a lot of stuff, except the stuff I have not heard about. If you enjoyed this blog, please like us on facebook and be sure to check out our daily podcasts at blogtalkradio/sportcitychefs.com Thanks for reading!

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  1. LETS GO!!! What an interview!!!

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