Jan 022013
Ray Lewis

Today on January 2nd 2013 Ray Lewis has stated that he will be hanging his football cleats up at the end of the season.  Ray has had to sit out majority of this 2012-2013 season due to injury of his triceps.  This also probably was the main reason Lewis has been on the fence about playing the past few games, and more or less helped the 17 year All-Pro Linebacker make the decision to not play in the NFL after this season.  There are so many paths to take for Ray’s memory lane, there are so many thoughts to remind you how fearless he played the game and more importantly there are so many people that can tell you with all their hearts how much they loved and were inspired by the way he played the game.  Every given time you think of the Ravens you think of a good team but the main thing thats is on most teams and players minds is the DEFENSE.  For which this defense has been led by Ray Lewis since the mid-90’s, they have been to several AFC Championships and they have actually won a Super Bowl in the year 2000 where they virtually shut the Giants out in a 34-7 win (touchdown came off of a return).  Ray has been through so much with the team that moved from Cleveland, then having to deal with his own legal issues before the 2000 Super Bowl he was tied into a Murder Case which took place in Atlanta where the Super Bowl was being held at the time as well.  Through majority of all the bad Ray Lewis has gone through he has been the mainstay in the midst of that defense.

Most people get excited seeing Ray come through the Ravens Locker Room tunnel and do his signature dance to inspire the entire fanhood and city of Baltimore  as well as his teammates who look to Ray to get them revved up more than ever.  People like myself probably don’t even like the Ravens but get inspired to see what Ray may do next to get the Ravens ready for their next opponent.  Ray has a good knack to get people motivated for what ever endeavor they may have next.  He often speaks to unfortunate children or young adults that play football for the University of Miami and really seems that he has made efforts to make things better in everything he does.

His career includes a Super Bowl MVP as a Linebacker, 12 Pro Bowl Selections and is a 7-Time All-Pro at the Linebacker position just to note a few big time accomplishments of what he put together in a 17 year career.  With majority of what he has done in his NFL Career alone on the Baltimore Ravens he is considered one of the best Linebackers to ever play in the NFL and to be honest it be hard to debate that.


Ty Powell aka TP Tymeless is currently living in Stamford, Connecticut. Tymeless is another die hard fan but of the Lions, Thunder, Twins, Hoyas, and The U. Ty grew up in Stamford and went to college in Rhode Island. He is a founding member of the Sport City Chefs network and can be heard on 8 regular shows. OWWWWWW!

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  1. Uncle Ray Ray is and was, to me, the best MLB to ever play. He took the position to a whole new level and even though he was in division rival for me, I will truly miss his passion and intensity for the game I love. America’s real past time!

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