Jun 302010

Ex-NFL star quarterback and current ordained minister and pastor Randall Cunningham and his family have suffered a significant loss as his son has passed away after a backyard accident.

The former Philadelphia Eagle was out of town on Tuesday, but it is being reported that the boy was found by a hot tub and was trying to be resuscitated by an adult, who has not been identified, who was also watching numerous other children at the time of the accident.

As a father I can not fathom getting this type of call letting me know that something had happened to either of my little ones. The hearts here at Sport City Chefs go out to the Cunningham household and we pray that these trying times are as painless as they possibly can be.

Chris Ziza

Born and raised in Metro Detroit, no matter where I live, Motown has always been in my heart. I am an avid fan of the Detroit Lions and Tigers while also rooting for the Pistons and Michigan State Spartans. I am a head banging, single daddy of two beautiful little girls. I have many interests, one of which is blogging. In the past I have worked for the Most Valuable Network and the Bruno Boys, and now I have decided to turn my attention to the Sport City Chefs. Grab a plate, the kitchen is serving up the goods!

  3 Responses to “Randall Cunningham’s Son Passes At 2-Years Old”

  1. My Favorite QB of all TYME!!!! God Bless Randall and the Family!!!!

  2. That is terribly tragic. Several years ago the family of Stew Leonard Jr. (son of the supermarket founder) had a very similar incident they had a family gathering going on and everyone was having an enjoyable time and suddenly someone noticed one of the little boys on the bottom of the pool… everyone thought someone else was watching him and no one had even seen him enter the pool. It can happen so easily. Very sad.

  3. Very Sad!!!!! Cunningham always handled himself with class and it’s tragic to have such an awful thing to happen to a very nice person. Thoughts and prayers.

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