Jan 312010

For the past 5 to 10 years the Pro Bowl has to have a winner??  But who really is interested in watching or who even considers this a Pro Bowl nowadays?? Peyton Manning and Drew Brees amongst many will not be playing.  Most fans will not get to see there Favorite Player perform and its no longer fair to fans across the Country!! Post any response toward how you feel towards the situation????


Ty Powell aka TP Tymeless is currently living in Stamford, Connecticut. Tymeless is another die hard fan but of the Lions, Thunder, Twins, Hoyas, and The U. Ty grew up in Stamford and went to college in Rhode Island. He is a founding member of the Sport City Chefs network and can be heard on 8 regular shows. OWWWWWW!

  2 Responses to “Pro Bowl???? Who’s Interested???”

  1. Whooooooooo Dat! No Saints.. No Colts?? Cmon I wanna see the best players playing in an All Star game.

  2. Back in the days the Pro Bowl didn’t mean much but all the greats came out to play and played hard to see who the best Conference in the NFL was when Barry Sanders and Herman Moore used to come out and show the NFC what was up!! Now Chad OchoCinco wants to be a Kicker instead of A Great Wide Receiver!!!

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