Where is Peyton?

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Feb 082010

Where does Peyton Manning now sit in the list of the greatest QBs ever after yesterdays Superbowl.  On the show yesterday, people had put Peyton in the top 5 even before this Superbowl game, but now after a game where he threw the game breaking interception, now we gotta think about this a little.  Peyton is a great QB don’t get me wrong, but he does struggle in the playoffs.  He has 1 Superbowl win as we all know, and now has a loss.  Peyton’s record in the playoffs is 9-9 overall with a 2-1 in the AFC championship game.  I don’t think as of right now I put Peyton in the top 10 QB list ever. I believe he probably will be a top 5 QB when things are said and done, but if you cant win the big games, you cant be in my top 10, and 1 Superbowl doesn’t do it.  You can put this loss on Peyton’s shoulders after the pick to Porter that led to the game sealing touchdown.  Hey we give him all the credit for the wins so he has to take the blunt of the blame for this loss and unfortunately it was in the biggest game of the year.


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  1. Cmon Really?? Not in the Top 10?? You joking Cowboy! I would love to see a list of ten better QB’s. I admit his legacy is stalled but that is all. If he would of won this game he would of been in TOP 5. Is Favre not a top 10 QB to you bc he has 1 ring. There is only 10 QBs in history with multiple super bowl wins as the starting QB. Is Big Ben, Bob Griese, Jim Plunkett, Bart Starr, and Roger Staubach all better than Peyton because they won the big game twice?????? Peyton and Brady are hands down best QBs of this era. I would love to hear your top 10.

  2. I agree with Mose. Big Ben is definitely NOT a top 10 QB. I cant see how this loss is completely on Peyton Manning’s shoulders. Yes, he did throw the game sealing intereception for a TD…but he wasnt the one out there who dropped the onside kick recovery to give New Orleans the ball back…Pierre Garcon dropped a crucial pass that hit him right in the hands. And he wasnt on the field when the defense let New Orleans march up and down the field at ease. Id say he should take part of the blame, but not the entire blame. The man puts up 4,000 yards plus every single season, he has multiple MVP’s, how can he not be a top 10 QB of all time

  3. OK, I will say that Peyton is a top 10 QB, but a large part of that loss is on him. He continued to throw the ball when Addai was averaging over 5 yards a carry. When the Colts were up 10 and he continued to throw throw throw and Addai was getting big chucks he should have went more to the run. But what is Peyton’s strength is also his weakness. He is so competitive he wanted to keep throwing and should have went away from that and put his ego aside for the team. Plus they ran that slant pattern 3 times before and everyone knows you keep putting your hand in the cookie jar, at some point its gonna get slapped and it did for 7 points.

  4. absolutely right Chris, Addai was getting 5 yards a pop, they should have leaned heavily on the run and tried to eat some clock and move the ball at the same time.

  5. Stop with the run game blame game, that’s a weak excuse. The run was working because they had 6-7 in the box, when they started to respect the run, the safety came up. Then what happened, Peyton threw a TD pass to Garcon. Peyton was going up and down the field until that ONE pick that was a better defensive play than a bad play by Peyton/Wayne.

    Ok, Peyton is still Top 10, period. Great QBs have lost Super Bowls, doesn’t make them less great. And way does one Super Bowl not make you great. Unitas one just one, is he not great? Farve one just one, is he not great? Marino, none. Steve Young, one. He will be Top 5 when it’s all said and done. He’s just on the outside looking in to me, but he’s damn close!

  6. The Debate Continues!!!!

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