Mar 262010

Since when does the NFL cater to 1 big name star in making a change? What, because Brett Favre never made it on the field during the NFC Championship game, change needed to come without deeper study?

Stay with me here. I COMPLETELY AGREE that they needed to change the rule, BUT I completely disagree with Mr. Commissioner who said, “don’t let perfection get in the way of change”. Really…really? Are you kidding me? He must have been sitting in with President Obama during those bail-out meetings. One exception though…our economy needed something done quickly before we became a “click-talk” nation of worth versus the NFL which is by far the strongest and richest of every professional sport going. They were not going to lose any viewers or fans if nothing changed and chances are they would have gained more as this is quickly (if not already) becoming America’s Favorite Pastime.

Why make it so confusing? Couldn’t we have simply made it each team gets their hands on the ball at least ONCE…DONE. Field goal, touchdown, TD +2 pt. conversion, whatever. After each has it once and if still a tie, sudden death.

Because guess what…here’s a great situation for you:
Opening kickoff in OT, the receiving team muffs the kickoff in the field of play and boots it backwards in to the end zone, ultimately resulting in a safety…GAME OVER! So you can’t win by 3, but you can win by 2, wtf is that?!

And all of this because the dads sent the kids outside to go play in the yard so the grown ups can talk. Ugh! And don’t get me started on the new system not starting until the playoffs…because that’s exactly when I want Wade Phillips (oh yeah, I’m a suffering Cowboys fan) having an even more perplexed look on his face wondering why his team just lost because his under coached Romo just threw a pic 6!

Jeff Gentile

  3 Responses to “Overtime…or Over Reaction?!”

  1. Great article Jeff. I see your points very valid and we will see how it all works out once the playoffs start to use the format. The game will never be perfect but that doesn’t mean their is a need to make changes.

  2. Overtime needed to be changed! I’m not saying this is the ideal solution, but it’s better than what they had. The ideal solution is to play another timed quarter. That’s the most fair way to do it.
    Football is America’s favorite sport and changing overtime rules won’t change that. What they need to do is to concentrate on avoiding any work stoppage…which could happen after next season.
    And pipe down about the Cowboys Jeff. They will be the first team to play in their home stadium in the Superbowl next season.

  3. This Is a move that should not be made because this can hurt the way people look at the NFL from here on out!!

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