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Sadly, at the time of this posting there is no clear cut favorite for the Buffalo Bills to start at the quarterback position and most likely won’t be until training camp plays itself out. In the mix are Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm. No matter who wins that job, the odds are they won’t finish the season with it. There is just a plain, obvious lack of talent not only at quarterback but also their wide out options as well, minus Lee Evans. Unless your league is 12 deep and you are forced to carry 3 quarterbacks, no one on the Bills should be on your fantasy football roster.

Backups: Could be any of the three

Buffalo Fans Are Holding Tight Onto Spiller. How Will He Do? Call The Kitchen And Discuss This!

Running Backs

If you are hating me Buffalo fan after reading what I had to say about the quarterback situation of yours regarding fantasy football 2010/11, you aren’t going to like me much more here. Now don’t get me wrong, the Bills have a ton of talent at the running back position. Buffalo just drafted C.J. Spiller, an exciting running back who will have to share the touches with Fred Jackson, another solid running back who excelled in 2009 as he went for 1,400 yards and 4 touchdowns. Stud collegiate, nice NFL running back, both should see a solid percentage of touches and both will have a tough time placing in the top-24 at the position. Look for both to be low-end RB2’s to mid-tier RB3’s with Spiller having the better shot at having the higher value. Don’t depend on either as your RB2. Think Chris Wells and Tim Hightower of a year ago.

Backups: Marshawn Lynch

Wide Receivers

Evans is a solid wide receiver who is misplaced in the NFL as he is once again having to play as a WR1 and take on the opposing defenses top defender. While he should get solid yardage, his touchdowns can go anywhere from a few to 9. You never really know what you are getting and with the way the quarterback position is playing itself out, you shouldn’t rely on Evans as anything more than a low-end WR3 in deeper, 12-team leagues. If you put all of your eggs in this basket, odds are they will get scrambled.

Backups: James Hardy, Steve Johnson

Tight Ends

Shawn Nelson, who is an athletic, big (6-5, 240) tight end showed at times last season that he belonged. What adds to his mystique is that the wide receiver options are thin in Buffalo and someone has to catch the ball. Nelson could take a nice step forward for 2010/11 but he is not someone that you want to draft as the tight end position is deep in fantasy football. Leave him on the waiver wires and pray that you don’t have to rely on him as your starter during the bye-weeks.

Backups: Derek Schouman

Chris Ziza is a fantasy football fanatic who can be found at Working Man Sports. He hosts a daily Fantasy Football Breakdown Show that you can participate in now until the end of the 2010/11 Super Bowl, helping guide your way to fantasy football domination.

Chris Ziza

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