Mar 052010

The first day of free agency is here and despite what experts were predicting that free agency would start slow, it has shot off like a race car with no breaks.  The biggest players so far in free agency have been 2 teams from the same division.  The Lions have signed WR Nate Burleson to a deal at 5 years worth $25mill and $11mill of that is guaranteed.  Also signed by the Lions was DE Kyle Vanden Bosch to a  four-year deal worth $26 million.  While the Vanden Bosch deal looks like a good signing, some are scratching their heads at the Burleson signing.  Not so much the signing, but the amount of money.  The Lions have a history of bad decisions on WR, mainly in the draft, but it looks like they are not taking it to free agency too.  But the Lions aren’t the biggest players in free agency so far, that honor goes the Mose’s beloved, Chicago Bears.  The Bears so far today have signed TE  Brandon Manumaleuna to a five year deal and RB Chester Taylor to a 4 yr deal worth about 12.5 million.  However, thats not the biggest signing for the Bears, they actually signed the biggest name on the free agent market when they agreed to terms with Julius Peppers.  The deal is said to be 6 years at 12 million a year.  Looks like Coach Lovie Smith knows its win now or look for another job after next year, along with GM Jerry Angelo.  Are the Bears on the right track to making them into super bowl contenders.  Absolutely.  There isnt 1 Bears fan out there that already is wanting to start tailgating and drinking beer on Sundays at Soldier Field.  But the Bears better start looking into some OL free agents quickly or it will still be a long season.


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  1. DAAA BEARS!!! I will be drinking at Soldier Field starting ASAP come meet me …….

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