May 042011
The Green Bay Packers did not enter the off-season with many glaringneeds so depthwas the top thing on the menu for the current Super Bowl Champions.  That is what they got. I would expect one starter in 2011 some depth and a good returner and some special teams talent out of this draft.  When picking 32 overall that isn’t anything to sneeze at.
1/32 – OT Derek Sherrod
Grade: B

Analysis: It is good value here the Sherrodwent pretty much where I expected in the late first round but now they are looking good at the OT position after stealing Bulaga at the bottom of the first last year and taking Sherrod at this spot has the Packers gaining book end tackles for the next 10 years if it works out.

2/64 – WR Randall Cobb
Grade: B

Analysis: Cobb is going to start out as a return specialist and a #5 WR I would imagine until Driver slows down or retires then will find himself in a more and more essential role in the future. But that said the burst they will get from Cobb in the return game will be more than worth the 2nd round selection for the Packers.

3/96 – RB Alex Green
Grade: C-

Analysis: This was a HUGE reach! A player I projected as a 5th or 6th round talent gets taken in the 3rd round. There were considerably better prospects on the board like Taiwan Jones and Kendall Hunter to name a few. TT has proven me wrong in the past so this could be one of those times but I don’t see it.

4/131 – CB Davon House
Grade: A

Analysis: Monstrous steal in the fourthround. House was a guy many were projecting in the 2ndor 3rd round. Also he is a perfect fit for the scheme that the Packers run. While unless Woodson moves to safety House won’t see the field much in year one but when Woodson retires house will be ready and when we look back on this draft this will be seen as a great pick for the pack.

5/141 – TE D.J. Williams
Grade: A

Analysis: Another considerable steal for the Packers. A great pass catching TE they won’t be caught off guard if Finley ends up going down again.

6/179 – OG Caleb Schlauderaff
Grade: B

Analysis: The only real memory of watching Caleb play was at the East/West Shrine game and he was very stout at the point and generally did well in pass blocking. He got beat once or twice but in the sixth round it isn’t a bad risk. High effort guy I like the selection.

6/186 – LB D.J. Smith
Grade: C-

Analysis: Very Meh pick Special teams player and a little slow to even do that not a real fan of this selection.

6/197 – LB Ricky Elmore
Grade: A

Analysis: Ricky Elmore is a huge steal and get some huge depth in the OLB position. If you’ve not seen film on the guy…

He has his own Youtube Channel. High motor guy who will be able to get to the QB every once in a while. GREAT pick in the 6thround.

7/218 – TE Ryan Taylor
Grade: D+

Analysis: Taylor is highly athletic. Another likely special teams guy not much to report here.

7/233 – DE Lawrence Guy
Grade: A

Analysis: Good depth pick at the DE position for the Pack. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he was selected a round or two sooner.

Overall Analysis:
Overall Grade: B

Day three was huge for the Pack they had good and bad picks but overall they did OK added depth to a super bowl champion and added one or two starters to the mix as well. Overall good job.


James is a draftnic who won't call himself an expert. He has followed the NFL draft since 2004. James believes that history and precedence as well as a keen eye for talent is the real key for predicting and accurately defining what makes good NFL players and where they fit in the NFL. As a college graduate in Bioinformatics he has grown to adapt to reading trends weather it comes in the form of genetic material or NFL prospects he devotes hundreds of hours a year to the craft of studying the NFL draft from all angles to create an unique and in all hopes accurate draft experience to all who would listen.

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