Feb 162011

As is the case every year.Teams must decide which players during the off-season to try and retain.This year however it’s a little more difficult than normal.With no CBA in place (Collective Bargaining Agreement) teams will not have an opportunity to offer contracts to players from their team or others.Mike Lombardi has sited multiple sources as saying the New York Jets are set to “allow Cromartie to walk away”. This is a bit puzzling to many, not just because of how well Antonio Cromartie played this last year, but because the Jets just traded for Cromartie the elite CB this last year from San Diego.Cromartie played so well this last year that the Jets in fact had to give up a 2nd round pick for Cromarties services for the 2010 season.That is a lot to give up for a player you will let walk way.Some believe the reasons may be that 2010 first round draft pick Kyle Wilson is finally ready to step in as a starter.There are also rumblings that maybe, possible, the New York Jets might be primed for a Nnamdi Asomugha run.Only time will tell but one thing looks for certain right now… Antonio Cromartie will be playing Corner Back for a different team in 2011.

Brian Hughes

Brian Hughes has been covering the NFL draft for over 15 years.He has appeared on several radio shows as an NFL Expert, and has written many draft related articles for multiple websites. Brian has a keen eye for talent and has shown the ability to identify the "sleeper prospects" in each draft. Brian will be on each and every NFL Front Office Show to bring you the listeners of Sport City Chefs, the best analysis possible on all your favorite teams needs!!!

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