Miami Bound for Marshall

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Apr 142010

Brandon Marshall is finally headed out of Denver. After months of speculation of where he would end up, we finally have an answer. Florida! He is returning to the state he played college ball for and he is headed to Miami. Bill Parcells decided he could handle the young play maker and pulled the trigger on the trade. The Dolphins send a 2010 2nd round pick and 2011 2nd round pick to Denver for Marshall. The Beast was than given the extension he was seeking for 5 years and 47.5 million dollars with 24 million guaranteed.  The Dolphins have acquired one of the elite receivers in the game to mix in with their wildcat formation. What does this mean for Ted Ginn Jr? Who do you think will win out on this trade? What do you think about Denver trading a 2nd pro bowl player in the past 2 seasons? Post your thoughts…


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  1. I don’t like the talent they lose by trading Marshall but I think Josh McDaniels has done a good job getting rid of the ego’s in the Denver locker room and bringing in good character guys like Tim Tebow and some of his former players fron New England like Jarvis green and co. I think he saw first hand in New England how important it is in this day and age to have the Teddy Bruschi’s, Mike Vrabels, Tom Brady’s and Rodney Harrison’s leading your team and I think it’s what he has to do in Denver to be successfull. To replace the hole at wide receiver from the trade I think the Thomas pick was a decent pick in round one but i’m more excited by the Eric Decker pick as I think he could end up being the steal of the draft. So from a talent point of view you never want to lose a Brandon Marshall but for the sake of the team and it’s chemestry I think he had to be traded. Nice column Mose !!

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