Killing us Softly

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Mar 222011

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

How many of you were ever told “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? Apparently, out of the many of you that raised your hand I’m willing to bet one of those were not Rodger Godell.  We all knew there were going to be some changes going into this offseason but I think that the newest rule changes are CRAZY.  These are the new rules (coming from meetings today)

  • All scoring plays will now be reviewed by the booth
  • Kickoffs are moved up to the 35-yard line,  but will keep touchbacks at the 20-yard line

Seriously?! WHY? I’m all for player safety and trying to make the game better for both the players and fans alike but let me keep it “funky” with you I think that this is a bit overkill. Let’s not forget that this is FOOTBALL. You signed up for this. I bet these players are not thinking about busting a wedge while they are cashing their multi-million dollar check but all of the sudden because a few players get hurt playing the game they love and signed up for all “hell” is breaking loose and it’s now an issue? Give me a break. This is the second off season where the league has put in IDIOT rules to either protect an elite player or give someone an advantage. Don’t believe me check this out (just to name a few)

  • The new OT rule (for playoff games) call me crazy if you want but that was clearly put in because Brett Farve CHOKED the NFC championship game way last season.
  • Defenders are penalized for being blocked to the ground and still continuing to go after the QB. So now the defender has to ATTEMPT to stand back up and start again. AKA known as the Tom Brady rule.
  • Hand to helmet on QB’s? Really?! Defenders have to also think before they raise their hands to knock down a pass from the QB

The owners and league personal are slowly killing the game we’ve all fell in love with and calling it “Player Safety” . If we’re not careful we’re going to have to put flags and dresses on these players and start calling ourselves the Powder-puff league.


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