Dear Steavie,

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Nov 302011

Okay, I’ll admit right off the bat, the touchdown celebration was funny. But there is a time to be funny, and a time to do the right thing for your team. You obviously worked hard to prepare for your matchup with Darelle Revis, and for all intensive purposes, you were getting the better of him.

BUT THEN… you got the clever idea in your head of performing a “tribute” of your opposing counterpart Plaxico Burress in the endzone, giving yourself and your team a penalty, and the momentum to the Jets.

Keep in mind that your quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has been persecuted recently by the press ( including myself ) for performing much worse since signing his new $59 million-dollar contract. But let’s be real about this, Fitzpatrick played great against the Jets even without their monster in the backfield, Fred Jackson. So none of this is Ryan’s fault. We can discuss his 2011 mid-season failures another time, this is about you, Steve.

Dropping that deep crossing-route in the 4th quarter was obviously a huge blow to your team in a key moment. Would we still be talking about this if not for the drop? Probably. Would we all be talking about it this much if you weren’t actin’ a fool earlier? Probably not.

If the ball gets up on you like that, there is no shame in reversing hand position and basket-catching the ball when necessary. But you should know that by now, you are a superstar talent. Crazily, I even think you are a smart person. But these dumb decisions are going to hold your team back, and keep you from actually being considered a truly great player in this league.

Why so serious you ask? Let me just put it this way Stevie, you need to focus on the game more than outside antics before you end up costing your team ANOTHER game-spoiling drop in a critical moment.

You’re better than that man. Keep having fun playing the game of football, but let’s tighten up the screws a little bit and start behaving a little more like pro. You owe it to your organization, the entire Buffalo area, and even to yourself.


Caleb Parkinson

Being from the NW requires a strong sense of fan-hood. Also, it causes nerve damage and an overall lack of sensitivity. I should know, but that's part of the grind. If a fan's suffering is supposed to build character, then I've got more characters than Robert Downey Jr. and Christian Bale combined. I am amazingly awesome. I am amazingly sarcastic as well. I like a lot of things, except the things that I don't like. I know about a lot of stuff, except the stuff I have not heard about. If you enjoyed this blog, please like us on facebook and be sure to check out our daily podcasts at blogtalkradio/ Thanks for reading!

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