Jan 152014

LeBron’s Jealousy

So LeBron James, reigning 3 time MVP and 2 time NBA Champion is jealous. Yes, jealous of Kevin Durant and his green light for shot attempts.  Basically James came out in an interview and said he’s jealous of Durant being able to jack up 30+ shots a game for his OKC Thunder.  I think this is dumb as usual that’s we hang on LeBum’s every word and this is no different.  I mean reading between the lines, James wants to be able to shoot more so he could score more.

But the offenses in OKC and Miami are totally different.  The Thunder rely on Durant to be a dominant scorer and the Heat rely on James to be just dominant.  James is a natural passer and in Cleveland those skills were under used because the lack of shooters there. James in the last 2 years has the fewest attempts per game then he had in Cleveland (roughly 16 vs. 25), but his shooting percentage is up. Less is more and he has better players to pass to that will finish in Miami. Moral of the story is James is better when he isn’t shooting, get it?  LOL

Kershaw’s new deal

Fresh of re-signing manager Don Mattingly, The Dodgers Clayton Kershaw just got P.A.I.D. to quote The Notorious B.I.G.  He signed a massive 7 year/$215MM extension that will make him the highest per year paid pitcher in baseball history. The contract is historic, well-deserved, and good for both sides.

Kershaw but up insanely good numbers this year (1.83 ERA, 0.915 WHIP and 232 strikeouts in 236 innings) and is only 25 years old. He is a 2 time Cy Young winner and only getting better, so the right move was to lock him up.  But Kershaw’s contract comes with an opt-out clause in the fifth year so Kershaw can negotiate a new deal al la CC Sabathia if he is worth even more money.  Both sides win and Dodger fans will see this stud pitch for a long time.

JR Smith saga continues

To quote the Might Wu-Tang Clan, ‘The saga continues…’ and in this case we are talking JR Smith.  While in one of my previous blogs, I called for New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson to keep Smith on the bench.  I said he’ll come out and say the right things but it’ll be a matter of time before he is back at it.  And Woody let him play against the Sixers and Suns (Saturday and Monday respectively).  And what happens after that you ask; well Woody calls for Smith to be more of a professional, Smith was then late to a team meeting on Tuesday, Woody benches him for the Tuesday game versus the Bobcats, Woody refused to comment after the game, and Smith after the game says if I’m not wanted then I don’t need to be here (I’m paraphrasing but you get the jist).

What to do, what to do.  Smith proved me right, and faster than I had imagined.  He was back at it, and Woodson has had enough. Mike Woodson was Smith’s biggest supporter but he is tired of talking to him, and Knicks fans are tired of the act.  He can’t be shipped out because no one wants him, so Woody has to break him.  He needs to grow up and act like an adult.  All Smith has to do in this life is play basketball and he can’t even do that like an adult.  He needs to be taught a lesson and not for just one game.

Who’s in Cleveland?

Help wanted. Needed; a new head football coach for a professional team in the NFL. Requirements; prior experience preferred but not required, passion for football, and willing to deal with an organization in shambles.  Problem is this ad is catchy up until that last part.  The Cleveland Browns have more candidates withdrawing their name from consideration than possible hires.  And in the end Browns fans suffer.

New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, Ken Whisenhunt (who took the Tennessee Titans’ head-coaching job), and Ben McAdoo, who became the New York Giants’ offensive coordinator, all interviewed in Cleveland and either decline or removed their name from consideration.  In a league where head coaching jobs are rare to be offered to you, no one seems to want to be the man in Cleveland and who can blame them?  Rob Chudzinski was fired after one year and there have been a revolving door at coach and GM.  The team is poorly run apparently and there are no signed of them turning the corner.  Apply within and at your own risk…

Barry the Villain

I know who the Villain is... He happens to be the most dangerous man in the world. I hoped we'd never hear from him, hoped we'd never have to battle him. But now the worst has happened, and I must tell you what we're up against... Just a New York sports fan from CT with a passion for sports, music and the quiet life. But some have called me evil, villain, dangerous because I speak with no filter and tell the truth. If that makes me a villain, than so be it!! The most feared man in Sport City. No mercy on all evil doers who cheer for lousy sports teams!

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