Bye Bye LT.

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Feb 222010

The end has come and the divorce papers are finalized and LT is no longer a Charger.  LT has now been released by the Chargers and will be playing for another team next year.  LT was the NFL MVP in 2006, but since then his production has dropped considerably.  He averaged 113.40 yards a game to 52.10 yards last year.  Injuries have bothered him the last few years and he missed the AFC championship game 2 times during that span due to injury.  Everyone knew this day was coming and some thought it was a year too late.  The Chargers are now looking for a new rb and LT is now looking for a new team.  One team that could sign him is Seattle.  Right now they have Julius Jones and probably will be drafting a qb in the draft to take the place of Hasselback in the next couple of years.  I dont feel that he will be with Seattle because LT wants to play for a championship and Seattle wont be playing for a championship next year.  A team I can see him playing for is the Vikings.  I dont think Taylor will return and LT would be a good backup for AP.  This offseason is shaping up to be a very interesting year for many players and teams.


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  1. He Cried about it today!! Like he not washed up!!

  2. Tough Break LT he will bounce back somewhere as a good number 2 back

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