Nov 172012
Jet's Head Coach Rex Ryan is in trouble.

Could this be the end of Rex Ryan’s head coaching stint in New York? I think yes.

Coaches that seem on their way out at the end of the season

Rex Ryan (NYJ)
Ever since the 2010 season when they went 11-5 and hit the AFC championship game the Jets have gotten progressively worse every subsequent season 2011 going 8-8 and looking like a sub 500 season in 2012. Its not 100% Ryan’s fault but I think that Mike Tannenbaum will be fired at the end of the season and Ryan will not be far behind.

Pat Shurmur (Cle)

Shurmur was Mike Holmgren’s pick at head coach and honestly I believe he should get another few years at the position because it seems as though the Browns are at the cusp of turning this terrible franchise around. I think that the new ownership will go full clean house as the Browns will be a top 5 pick once again this season.

Norv Turner (SD)

Its really a move that should have been made last season GM AJ Smith and Norv Turner are both going to be out as GM and Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers. This once proud franchise has been inconsistent and out of the playoffs in the past two seasons and three of their past four seasons. In an organization that fired former coach of the year Marty Schottenheimer after a winning season and playoff birth I can’t see them keeping this mediocrity at the head coaching position.

Andy Reid (Phi)

The owner came out today and said that Andy’s job would be re-evaluated after this season the Eagles are a long shot to make the playoffs this season they would have to win 6 of 8 games to get to 9-7 which is likely the lowest needed to get the wild card. If the Eagles don’t make the playoffs I don’t see any way that they don’t let Andy Reid go. We’ll see him on ESPN or NFLN so he can take it easy for the next couple of years and then he’ll make a comeback.

Jason Garrett (Dal)

For a guy who is suppose to be some sort of Offensive genius the offense is rather unproductive. His tenure as head coach is going to bring two of the three worse seasons since 2005.

Broth’s top coaching candidates

Bill Cowher

Cowher is a guy who left on his own terms 2x coach of the year and Super Bowl Champion. He wants full control of the organization and the ability to choose his own GM it seems like a nice fit for the Chargers or Jets if in fact he decides to un-retire.

John Gruden

Once again Super Bowl winner who has stayed around the game doing things like Gruden’s QB camp and Monday Night Football I think that there may be people looking for him to take the position.

Bill O’Brian HC Penn State

I know this isn’t a guy on most people’s list but the way I see it Penn State is doing much better than they could have been expected specially when you take into account the scandal and the loss of top players. Yet right now they are 7-4 and IMO that shows competency at the head coach position add to the fact he was also OC under Bill Belichick for a team that went to the super bowl I think he should garner significant consideration if he is willing to leave Penn State position.  The real problem is that they would have to buy out his contract at Penn State so don’t expect any teams to honesty go after him for a few years.

Mike Nolan DC Atlanta Falcons

I know I know Nolan had a disaster of a head coaching stint while he was the coach of the 49ers but since then he was the DC for the Broncos, Dolphins, and now the Falcons everywhere he goes good D’s follow. It might be time to give him a second shot.

Rob Ryan DC Dallas Cowboys

Once again poor stint as the HC and his brother fail boating in NY are really going to hold Rob back but I don’t think anyone can deny how great he has been coaching the defenses in Cleveland and Dallas to this point.  One thing that Al Davis did really well was recognize head coaching talent he just did so a little too early.

Other Coaches that might fit a certain situation:


Mike McCoy OC Denver Broncos

I could easily see Mike McCoy getting a look for the Jets organization.  The Jet’s owner Woody Johnson has come out repeatedly saying that Tim Tebow wasn’t a publicity stunt and that word coming from the organization to the press is saying that the owner really likes the plucky QB from Florida Mike McCoy could be the guy to prove his point.  With Tebow at the helm McCoy was able to turn around the Denver Broncos season by quickly implementing the run read option there could be thoughts that he could do the same thing in NY.  Wouldn’t be the best choice but I could see it happening.


Mike Holmgren 

Holmgren is a guy I could see fitting in either of the NFC East teams looking for a head coaching position.  He has a ton of history with Cowboy’s owner/GM/demigod Jerry Jones which makes him a solid fit in the case that Sean Payton remains in New Orleans with the Saints.  If that doesn’t happen all bets are off. On the other hand Holmgren runs a similar style of play to Andy Reid and is also known for developing QBs similarly to Reid.  It could be a seamless transition for the maligned franchise and help that talent turn it around fairly quickly.




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