Bottom of the NFC North

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Oct 032012

Contrary to what everyone else is writing about (How bad the Jets are or how shocking it is to see the Cardinals are at 4-0) we here at Sport City like to push the envelope, so indulge me while I fire up my soap box and go “Ham” about a few issues. What in the world is going on with the Detroit Lions? This is a team that came off a tremendous 2011 season going 10-6 and having a ton of momentum going into the 2012 (even after being bounced in the 1st round of last years playoffs) and right now they are looking at a 1-3 start. Some say coaching, some say lack of depth, and some say injuries. All of those are valid reasons as to why the Lions have started off so slow however; I think it comes down to heart. If you look at all 4 games the Lions have played this season there are a ton of just questionable plays that were made or not made that turned the outcome of that game. Now here’s the million dollar question, can the Lions turn it around? Looking at their remaining schedule they play the likes of the Eagles, Bears, Packers, Texans, & Cardinals (just to name a few) I think it’s time to have someone come and give the burial service for the 2012 Lions. With what I’ve seen so far I just don’t think that these guys have enough heart to bounce back from such a sluggish start

Now the next team I want to talk about are the Green Bay Packers. I’d like to go beyond the controversial call a few weeks ago in Seattle and really dive into this team a little bit more. I’ve got one question “Will the real Packers stand up”? I don’t care of you’re a legit cheesehead or someone that’s jumped on the bandwagon since they’ve been wining but I’d like someone to show me an identity of this squad on both sides of the football. Aaron Rodgers is having a down year (based on last years MVP pace) the defense is not playing well (unless they are playing the Bears) and they seemd to be getting outcoached. Call me crazy but if it wasn’t for a BLOWN call and a missed FG on Sunday this 2-2 Packer team could be looking at a 1-3 record. I will say this about the Packers. They had better put the ball in Benson’s gut more and stop hanging your MVP QB out to dry with all these drop backs, just in case you forgot Matt Flynn is the highest paid clipboard holder in the league in Seattle.


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