Asking for trouble??

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Mar 062010

Before he heads to New York to join the jets, Antonio Cromartie has one more thing to tend to.  Hes got a court date in San Diego to discuss some $25,000 in unpaid child support.  The New York Jets for the 2nd time in a few months have signed a player who has more than his fair share of legal issues (see Braylon Edwards).  Cromartie has acknowledged that he has 7 kids with 6 different women living in 5 different states.  Theres no denying that Cromartie who had a phenominal start to his career has phenominal man to man coverage skills.  The Jets only had to give up a 2011 3rd round pick so even if it doesnt work out it’s not as if the Jets had to give up a lot…I think this could be a big time success or a big time failure.  Are the Jets turning into the Cincinnati Bengals from a few years ago with a number of guys who have legal issues?  Or was this a good gamble?? 


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  1. We will see its a big signing but we will see how he pans out with Receivers that go hard!!

  2. Good gamble by the Jets. They didnt have to give up much to get another talented CB. The jury is still out on if he can keep his off the field issues low key.

  3. Should put up really good numbers with Revis on the other side. Providing he can get back to form. Amazing athlete though.

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