Feb 162010

That fading light that was the UCONN Huskies men’s basketball season, all of a sudden has gotten a little bit brighter.  Coach Jim Calhoun’s return may have sparked the Huskies a little more than people anticipated.  The Huskies upset #3 Villanova and now, I believe can still make it into the big dance in March if they can play solid basketball the rest of the year.  Look, they lost to 5 ranked teams, 3 in the top 10 and 2 in the top 20.  They beat #3 Villanova and at the time #1 Texas.  They play Louisville at home and a big game against #8 West Virginia.  If they can pull out wins against those 2 tough teams and go 5-0 the rest of the way, its hard to not put them into the tourney.  If you look at their strength of schedule, they are ranked #1, and with their coach missing games due to illness, I believe the selection committee will take this into effect and UCONN will actually make it into the dance.  And if they can play the way they did against Nova, they could be a sleeper team to look out for.


  2 Responses to “A gilmmer of hope for UCONN”

  1. I didn’t even know they had the hardest schedule. Makes sense I will cross my fingers for the Huskies to get in the Tourney. Wouldn’t be the same without them…..

  2. yea good call on that Chris, I didnt even know that they had the hardest schedule. but it definitely doesnt shock me to hear that. I think they need to win at least 4 out of their next 5 as well as win a few games in the big east tourney to have a shot at a bid to the big dance.

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