Ridin Kansas Bandwagon

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Mar 152011

Kansas Jayhawks

As the 2011 NCAA Tournament approaches we all have our favorite to cut down the nets in Houston.  As I sit down to fill out my brackets (yea I fill out about 2-5 every year)  I find it very difficult to not select Kansas to win the tourney. With all due respect to Ohio State (the overall #1 seed) and a few others that are hot going into the “Madness”  Kansas has really impressed me this season. The Morris brothers (Marcus & Markieff) have really been playing “light’s out” down the stretch of this season and I seriously feel that they WILL be the deciding factor to them cutting down the nets. Having said that I do expect KU to have some serious battles on their way to the final 4. They are in a tough  bracket and may have to play the likes of Louisville, Purdue, and Wisconsin, and ultimately Ohio state to win the championship, but I like where Bill Self has his guys at going into the dance.


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  1. Kansas does look tough I agree. Welcome to the blog world Serious!

  2. Mose: Thankz my dude. I don’t know why yall gave me a pen and pad. SC is in trouble LOL

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