Feb 272011

With every great massacre there is always clean-up. Here are my Top-25 teams in NCAABB for the week. Let’s see how well they hold up come Monday morning.


The cheesy ones just sneak in. Thanks to surprising losses by Arizona & Georgetown, they inherit the last of the best.

It’s not like their opponents have been intimidating, yet despite they have managed to pull out a very narrow win in Ann Arbor and a slaughter against Northwestern which earns them my nod.

Ohio State will be ugly, but if anyone can take it, it would be Bo Ryan’s Badgers.


Yes, this is a big drop, but consider they just got whipped, AGAIN, by BYU, and it was at home for the Aztecs, who now seem to be out of the race for the MWC crown.

I wouldn’t write them off for a possible run in the MWC tournament, but it might hold a rubber-match that’s more lopsided than even. Jimmer’s got their number and if Wyoming was paying attention on Saturday, it could get ugly in San Diego real quick.


Very valiant effort against a tough to beat home team Louisville, but nevertheless, they lost another one on the road. Coupled with the L to St. John’s, I’m not overly impressed with the sandwich win against the Mountaineers.

Still, they are dangerously potent and are probably looking ahead, not behind. I’m not really pleased to put them here, but there are teams playing better right now and I’m going to give props where they are due.


What once seemed so promising is now starting to shed it’s facade. Nebraska and now Colorado? You’ve gotta be kidding! No seriously, is Rick Barnes joking with this road defense in the 2nd half?

Things don’t get anymore appetizing with the newly invigorated K-State Wildcats and Baylor Bears coming up to close out the regular season. It’ll be interesting to see how the Longhorns rebound and lucky for them, they start the stretch in Austin.

It’s not how you start, its how you finish, so I’ll keep it short & sweet: ALWAYS BE CLOSING.


This pains me, really, because I just dislike the Irish, but they have re-earned my respect after dropping a sure-fire win in Morgantown. They could have buckled, caved, crapped-out against Seton Hall & the always dangerous Providence, but they didn’t.

Also, it doesn’t hurt your case when your closest in conference foe Pittsburgh loses either.


Riding a six-game streak and looking at a soft finale to the regular season, the Boilermakers are sneaking into the top 5 like thieves in the night.

They have the depth, the experience and the tenacity to make a deep run and after all these years of underachieving, it could be time for the pot to bubble over in Indiana.


It’s just not safe to be #1 anymore. The ACC is getting no love, or respect for that matter, from the pollsters, but I’m believing in this new found depth within the divisions. There is always a chance when you’re playing at home, just ask Florida State, Virginia Tech & St. John’s.

This doesn’t mean I’m losing confidence in the Blue Devils, because they are certainly a sleeping giant waiting to be angered, and if North Carolina can pull off the Chapel Hill upper-cut, I greatly fear their wrath come tournament time.


Yippee they beat Oklahoma & Oklahoma State….yawn…sorry Jayhawks but you ain’t cutting the mustard even with the struggles of Duke & Texas.

They’ve got two dangerous match-up’s ahead, Texas A&M at home and a visit to Missouri, but I’m gonna wager they find a way to somehow botch it when it matters most, probably as soon as they are voted #1 again, which is why they aren’t getting my vote until they do more than just NOT fail.

2. BYU

Not only did they smash the one opponent all thought they should fear, but they did it in hostile SDSU territory. The one-two punch of the surely locked-in POY candidate Jimmer Fredette & his South African smasher forward Charles Abouo are poised to swipe a tournament #1-seed from some poor Big East or Big-12 team and there hasn’t been a more pre-tourny darling than them in years.

Vengeance is on the horizon against New Mexico and with a quick run over the MWC tournament, the Cougars are just a few weeks away from living the dream, Cinderella style.


So they worked out the kinks and look to be steam rollin’ through the Big-10 straight on to the dance. David Lighty’s coming out party against Illinois reminded us that it’s not just about Jared Sullinger in Assembly Hall.

All that remains for the Buckeyes is a quick trip to Penn State followed by a bloodsport re-match against Wisconsin, neither of which really strike fear in my heart, but hey anything could happen.

And I’m not forgetting that Kansas was ranked #2 last week, and understand that naturally the safe assumption would be that because they won this weekend, they should automatically go up – it’s logic to most out there, but when has the Major ever really bought into other people’s logic?

That would be never.

See you crazy kids @ 10 am for Majority Rules and let’s discuss, shall we?

11. LOUISVILLE – UCONN & PITT in the same week? Someone done pissed Pitino off.

12. NORTH CAROLINA – Fear the Heel!

13. SYRACUSE – They are still soft, but vesting Villanova & Georgetown both on the road, maybe they’ve finally got it together in Syracuse.

14. GEORGETOWN – Maybe they should be lower, but I’ll give them some lee-way with the absence of Wright.

15. SAINT JOHN’S – Steve Lavin is going to take this team deep in the dance.



18. FLORIDA – Yuck, don’t even start with this Donovan. Your team is actually good!

19. KENTUCKY - I bet that tasted good, eh Calipari?

20. VILLANOVA - Losing to Syracuse & St. John’s in the same week, no bueno heading into the Big East tournament. Can they bounce-back against a the gritty teams remaining on their slate, Pittsburgh & Notre Dame?

21. CONNECTICUT - The one-man-band is starting to run out of tunes.


23. ARIZONA – Who thought they could fall so far? Well, when you lose to UCLA & USC in the same week, it’s hard to argue.



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