January Madness?

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Feb 012011

Well the calendar has just turned to February but its beginning to feel a lot like March Madness to me.  Last week marked an unbelievable week full of upsets in NCAA basketball.  Of the top 25 teams, 17 of them lost last week, including 7 out of the top 10.  One of the biggest upsets in my mind was Duke going into MSG to play St Johns and getting run off the court.  You also have Syracuse in the midst of a 4 game losing streak (the last time they lost 4 games in a row was back in 2006) and will face a tough Uconn team coming off a home loss on Wednesday night.  That should be a pretty good indicator of which direction those teams are heading.  You have a sizzling Univertsity of Texas rising up to #3 in the country, and you have the one constant still at #1 and that is Ohio State who almost lost to Northwestern on Saturday and have won 4 games in January by 5 points or less.  My question is, are there are “dominant” teams this year?  It seems to me there is a ton of parody and the title is completely up for grabs.  Is this the year we see a mid-major team take home the hardware?  Only time will tell 


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