Mar 082010

With the regular season over its time for the best part of the year in my opinion…Conference Tournament time and then straight into the NCAA tourney.  The Big East tournament is one of the premier if not the most anticpated conference tournament every year and this year especially.   With a #1 seed in the big dance on the line who is going to come up big and take down the Big East championship trophy?  Will it be Syracuse whos looked great all season except against Louisville?  Is Georgetown primed to make a run deep into the tournament? With my Uconn huskies pretty much done I am looking forward to watching some great basketball over the next 5 days.  Who does everyone have their money on??


  7 Responses to “Its the most wonderful time of the year!!”

  1. March Madness is set to blaze the month!

  2. I think it will be a surprise to win the Big East… and the pick is … UCONN

  3. haha well Mose so much for Uconn…im almost glad they’re out so I dont have to watch them turn the ball over 15+ times every game. terrible ending to a terrible season

  4. I know I wasnt being serious with Uconn. I knew they had no chance. I wanted to pick Louisville as the team but figured put Uconn up there will create some madness. Too bad they lost before anyone saw it lol

  5. haha i know you were just stirring up the pot. such an embarrasment to have almost as many turnovers as made field goals. Calhoun probably wants to go bobby knight and throw a chair on the court or something!

  6. Yea I know right an embarrassment of a season. Worse in a long long time

  7. My Hoyas gotta be able to go far!!!!!!!!!

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