Mar 262010

My oh my have the mighty fallen. The Syracuse Orangemen are the most recent top seed in the NCAA tourney to bow out before expected.  The Butler Bulldogs pulled out a 63-59 victory against the favorite Orangemen. Syracuse is the second #1 seed to fall after Kansas was upset last weekend. What do you think about the tourney so far? Do you enjoy seeing the underdog come out on top? How exciting do you rank this 2010 NCAA tourney? How many #1 seeds do you think will make it to the Final Four? Post your comments and thoughts below…….


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  2 Responses to “Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice”

  1. I said it on the show about 2 weeks ago the Orange were goin 2 and out, and I was called crazy…the Orange were only gonna go as far as Wes Johnson could take them, and when a team figured out how to break down their zone a little they were in trouble. especially without Onuaku in the middle. I for one like seeing the underdog winning, I love watching the emotion and passion these teams display such as Northern Iowa. Its been fun watching them and hopefully we get to watch them a few more games. I see Kentucky making the final 4 and maybe duke, but duke has a tough game with Purdue tonight

  2. I agree Seth you did nail it on the head with Syracuse. I love seeing the underdog come out on top. Gotta love the NCAA tourney for that. Cinderella stories only happen here…

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