Mar 212011

Big East Conference

After the 1st weekend of the 2011 NCAA tourney one thing is pretty clear, the once mighty “Big East” has only 2 school remaining after sending 11 to the dance. Which leaves me wondering,  is the “Big East” really the best conference in college basketball?

For those of you that know me know that I’m a stat guy so let me throw this at you. The last time a “Big East” squad cut down the nets at the final four was 2004 when UConn did it.  We also see teams like Kansas, UNC, Duke & Florida that  are able to win the tournament on a consistent  basis. Why is that? Some would say “because the Big East teams beat up on each other during the season that by the time they get to March they are too beat up to compete at a high level” For those of you that say that I have one thing to say to that “THAT’S BOLOGNA” Your job as a basketball program is to win national championships PERIOD. Wining the Big East should be a side note that you pick up on your way to the bigger goal and so often we have sports writers, sport casters, and various fans that often loose focus of that.  I want to urge everyone the next time we’re ready to name a conference, school, or program the best in all the land look at how they have done in getting the goal accomplished. If they haven’t than possibly you’re sadly mistaken and need to rethink your selection.


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  1. Amen, Serious! Preach on!

  2. Thankz Major. The offering plate will be passed after the sermon haha

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