Another One Bites The Dust

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Mar 202010

First it was Notre Dame and Marquette. Next came Georgetown and Louisville. Today it was Villanova. I am sure most people predicted a lot of Big East teams to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. Well to shock everyone it seems like every Big East team is falling dead one game after another. Yes the Big East conference still has Syracuse, West Virginia, and Pittsburgh left alive. As we wait to watch Cuse and WV try to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. One might drop another surprising second round L. Who do you think will lose next of the 3? Which Big East team will be the last to leave the dance floor? Comment your thoughts….


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  1. I have got to think Syracuse will be last dancing. But I think Pitt is going to have their hands full tomorrow against Xavier! Buyer Beware!

  2. Now that there are only 2 Big East left in the big dance, they are obviously the biggest disappointment so far. But some food for thought; if both Syracuse and West Virginia advance to the final game and play each other, does that change everyone’s opinion on the Big East’s performance in this years tournament? Would everyone reconsider the weakness of the Big East conference and put them back at the top as the best conference in America?
    My opinion….ABSOLUTELY NOT! The Big East had such a poor performance, that even if Syracuse and West Virginia play each other for the national championship, it will effect the way the selection committee looks at and considers them for future tournaments. The Big East will no longer get 7 and 8 teams per tournament. The top of the conference will still be considered tops in the nation year over year, but the depth of the conference will be questioned.

  3. Yes I agree with you Scott it was a disappointing tourney for the Big East and no matter the outcome the way the conference is viewed will be different.

  4. West Virginia Has LIFE!~

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